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  • 2 votes

    Function Parameters, Output and more.

    I do acknowledge that some of these features could be tricky to implement, but others probably wouldn't be. TL;DR: Functions should have parameters, an output, a permission level, and a custom comm...
  • 17 votes

    @n Selector for nearest entity

     For example, @n for the nearest entity to the command block or player who activated the command, it would work just like @p except for not limited to players alone. (would not affect the player wh...
  • 8 votes

    Removing Blocks in Creative Mode

     It would be great for Creative Mode to have the ability to place or remove large sections of blocks at the same time.  This would be an incredibly helpful tool for landscaping, which currently, is...
  • 6 votes

    New /execute selectors, /keydetect

    I propose a few new selectors that would make /execute so much easier for maps and other stuff. I do not know all of the /execute selectors so some of these might already exist. 1. dimension: this ...
  • 30 votes

    /locate players on multiplayer

    There is someone you want to get to but you don`t know where they are so you type /locate playername!
  • 3 votes

    adding and changing data of array elements

    Ability to change the data of an array element whitout deleting the current data stored in that element. For example if a dispenser would have this data: {Items: [{Slot: 0b, id: "minecraft:dia...
  • 3 votes

    Bring back radius

    radius from areas helped make it so nothing can get to certain place, or you can get teleported if you got to close.
  • 12 votes

    New tag for /setblock commands

    The idea here is that a new option for /setblock will be added. This new tag will make the blocks you set disappear after a set amount of time. The name is work in progress, but I was thinking 'fad...
  • 7 votes

    Custom UI Commands for the end-user

    Custom UI (for the end-user) would really help for custom "servers" (someone hosting a game) and would add functionality for players.  You would start to create one like this... /UI creat...
  • 10 votes


    It's almost like the scoreboard but with a string. example criteria: -chat_output -anvil_output -crafted_item -used_item for more criterias write it in the comment.
    needs info
  • 3 votes

    Command that turns of all redstone signals and/or can change command blocks to always active to needs redstone

    A command that deactivates redstone or changes command blocks from needs redstone to always active would be helpfull for people that use command blocks to get out of teleporting loops. This happen...
  • 8 votes

    Another way to detect scores

    Actually, we can detect if 2 entities have the same value for a score but we can't execute them. That's why we need a way to execute entities with the same score.execute as @e[type=armor_stand,tag=...
  • 13 votes

    Entity tag (and more tags globally)

    Since now there are tags for blocks, items, fluids and functions, why not for entities? It would be useful, for example if you want to check if a mob is an undead, you could check this with a tag, ...
  • 78 votes

    Importing Mods

    PLEASE add the ability to import mod from pc  
  • 6 votes

    OpenUI command (was: New command to open UI)

    I had kinda come up with this on the fly, but, this command would be made to open UIs from anything within the game. "/openui <target> <ui_type> <data/access/varient/varient_acc...
  • 31 votes

    Minecart {Invisible} tag

    A simple addition, just let minecarts share the functionality armor stands already have, supporting the Invisible tag. This would be of greatest use with the minecart's custom block display data, a...
  • 22 votes

    Command eggs!

    Hey Minecraft team! I was thinking why isn't there a custom NBT egg? You know in creative click middle mouse button get everything in there like with chests? Well why aren't there eggs? You could g...
  • 52 votes

    Mobs on different teams should attack each other (similar to shulkers)

    If you place shulkers onto a team (using /team), they will attack any hostile mob not on the same team. This would be useful to have on other mobs as well (such as Guardians or Evokers).
  • 11 votes

    Nametags by dispenser for MCPE OR rename placed items with anvils

    allow nametags to be dispensed. This would allow us to infinitely replenish as well as name any entity. We currently can throw named items on the ground which can be detected but if we rename an ar...
  • 21 votes

    @u (Entity Detector)

    It is an entity detector that is directed to the entity that has activated the command.   Example:   A player presses a button that activates a command block with this selector, so the player who h...
  • 48 votes

    (Java Parity) Add @~

    We all know that @p is really complicated especially in multiplayer maps, so I suggest adding @~ that will work only in chain blocks, it will target the entity targeted by the previous command, if ...
  • 8 votes

    Ability to store long type number using "/execute store"

    Even though "execute store" can use to store long type number into an entity nbt, it can't take long type number and store it to another long type As an example, there is two command bloc...
  • 10 votes

    Texture add in game or Remove using Command (PE)(Java)(Bedrock)

    Can be Use add or remove the texture in easy step Just in Command  (COMMAND) Textureadd: /texture (packname) (By) (add:'True) (COMMAND) Textureremove: /textureremove (packname)
  • 7 votes

    /execute @p ~~~ holding or motion in /bedrock

    the execute would be useful if it had this for both bedrock and java. Example: /execute @e(because mobs can hold items too) ~~~ holding <insert item>then the command you wan't, pretty cool ri...
  • 11 votes

    Add a Command-Built Victory Screen (for mapmaking & servers)

    Along with Minecraft's old red-screened death message and buttons to respawn or quit, there should be a green victory screen.  This of course, would have no place to pop up in traditional survival ...
  • 29 votes

    "Infinite" item tag

    "Infinite" would be an item tag that can be applied using the /give command. when applied to an item, you could repeatedly use/place the item and you'll still have infinite of it. syntax:...
  • 6 votes

    Remove all tag from an entity

    I'm trying to reset entity tag but the tag command doesn't want to The "/tag @e remove" command only want to remove one tag The entity though is still easy using "/execute as @e run ...
  • 6 votes

    [Bedrock] has_component_group filter

    The current way to test for specific component groups is to add components which don't work on this entity, testing for active effects or testing for families. All of these ways have a significant ...
  • 9 votes

    Array Filters for <path> in /execute store, /data get, etc. - search for data within arrays!

    With an increasing number of id's withing the game becoming strings instead of values, I feel like it might be a good idea to add filter expressions to use within /date get and /execute store.  It'...
  • 10 votes

    easy commad

    I wish codes and commands could be a lot easier because the extreme commads are so hard for me that I have to copy someone else and I just want to have easy commands in Minecraft