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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Cactus, based on the Prickly Pear



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    I see cactus in this MINECON Live's 2019 vote.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    I think that there should only be one type of cactus, but prickly pear could grow on the side like cocoa beans.

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    I think it would be great to have this specific cactus.  The fruit could create Magenta Dye, since the color is so vibrant.


    I love all the suggestions here.  From the way it grows, from being able to eat two parts of the plant.  Maybe using shears to take of the spines (which in itself could be used for something.  Perhaps a Thorns Potion??)

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    Also get this, how about cactus fruit pie in the game.

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    wesley hardin commented

    I hope this idea gets more traction

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    SO HAPPY this got the green light!  A lot of people assume that it is just a cactus variant, but the description ClayGoddessSari came up with would make it so much more.

    I hope we get the introduction of Prickly Pears and Nopales.  Two food sources!  Grilled Nopales would look awesome on a campfire!

    What's also great about this cactus is that it has several stages of growth.  They could be similar to the berry bush and have several growth stages.   Beautiful red/orange/yellow flowers come first, and then later they make way for fruits.  Cut the fruits off, and then the small nopales, and leave the larger segments to grow more.  From what I read from harvesters online its a patience trick.  The larger the plant, the more it'll produce in a given year. 

    I made the suggestion a year ago that the prickly pear could be used as a dye.  And I've read online that this is an actual thing irl.  Be nice if they could give 4 dye per pear, since there would be so much juice.

    I believe both of them require careful removal of the thorns?  I'm thinking shears would make sense to remove them.  I still like the idea of using them for a Potion of Thorns.

    One final note on my rough google research:  There appears to be green and dark purple variants of this cactus.  And even on the same plant.  There's an idea!   (Though maybe that is asking for too much.)

    --Mark Abernathy


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    One last comment.   From everything I read online, this plant is a fascinating "segmented" plant.   The nopales, the flowers, the fruits.  It really screams "minecraft" in the way it actually grows irl.

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    EnderKillmen commented

    Cool also need aloe vera, pitaya, agave

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    EnderKillmen commented

    Yuca too but dont think it a cactus