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Noise Caves Feedback



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    DanielGolan commented
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    I'm the first to vote! I'm the second to follow! now, seriously, those lake openings for caves, they are cool. maybe keep it as a feature (with a chance, of course)? and stretch the water 2 blocks higher, it's not the same level as the ground....

    And maybe remove those lazy little lakes and switch them with a little Underwater Noise Cave opening? please...

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    The new caves are so cool but they are way too big in my opinion. Early game mining for resources such as diamonds will be more difficult and will take lot more effort and could be demotivating. Going from above ground to under ground could be challenging as well(Early game). Lighting up caves also could be a challenge. Also reaching for ores generated in the ceiling could be annoying after a while. Early game mining without good gear and enchantments will make caving something players might avoid, to get good gear we have to do caving early game. Bedrock at y =0 is perfect -64 is way too deep. When I first saw the new caves I was so amazed and blown away, I was so happy. The developers have done an amazing job but after a while I started releasing small things like I mentioned above. Hope this was helpful in any way.

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    DARKCHILD40 commented
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    Maybe some of the noise caves could be underground rivers that form underground waterfalls when they connect into a large noise cave.

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    Adribundo commented
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    I found glaciers that generate way underground under frozen ocean bioms and I absolutly love it. I'm assuming this is a bug howerver i feel like it makes for an amazing feature. 

    Apart from this I love everything about the new cave generation. the lakes that turn into underwater caves are great and I hope that at least some of them can stay as such. 

    Cave sizes is also great altouhght I do feel like caves are eighter really small or really big, maybe a medium sized cave could be fitting. 

    In any case thank you very much for this amazing snapshot and for the not so soon to come amazing update 

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    Lentis0001 commented
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    Because of their massive scale, i think noise caves should make a very small echo sound when you walk around them. Or maybe instead add a small echo sound when you walk around the deep dark.

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    I love the increased height of the world and other things such as the sideways long caves but I do have to say I think some of them are way too big. I saw one cave that was so huge like from the bottom was bedrock and at the top was like 50y and I don't think that's too normal in IRL caves. Just want to put that out there because I want larger caves I do but sometimes I think this is a little bit overkill tbh also I could barely find any surface caves where I could starting mining in a survival snapshot world and it took me like 2 days to get iron because I had to dig down also diamond placement needs to be fixed because down below with so much open blocks it's so easy finding diamonds. Furthermore, there is literally no lava pools underground, I can't find one piece of obsidian because of that

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    With the new noise caves, as DARKCHILD40 said, underground rivers would be amazing and cool and should without a doubt be added in this update. making diamond rarer is even more of a priority. I think we should keep iron as-is, because currently it is too easy to get as the start of the game. I think this would be a great time to rethink the spawn placement of the overworld ores as you'll have to change it anyway :)

    WillyWonka9763 I think that these "problems" were intended and are important to have. Early-Game cave Mining is way too easy right now, the only problems being a couple of skeletons and the occasional lava stream you can bridge over. With huge Caverns, mining is more scary and adventurous, which is something i think almost everyone wants :)

    I would LOVE to see glow squids generate in underground lakes, as well as much larger patches of lichen that generate more closer to water. 

    The only thing I'm skeptical about in this update are the aquifiers. I think that underground lakes and rivers would be a much cooler thing to add than the flooded caves, but that's just me. I also think that the underground rivers/lakes can come with a new plant (or maybe just generate with one of the lush caves plants) and also have more dirt, moss, and glow lichen.

    All in all, this was a much better snapshot than 21w05a, and I hope you continue with work like this!

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    I dont think lava should generate in aquafiers. It should only spawn very deep down below (maybe at y -40 or below.) To fix this problem, we should have a new Lava Caves biome that is full of Lava, Magma Cubes, Basalt, and Obsidian.

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    Can we PLEASE have amethyst/lush caves feedback pages? I have a lot to say :p

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    Green 116 commented
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    the aquifires are weird because the walls don't reach the bottom which looks extremely weird when swimming but otherwise it looks great

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    I love the caves! I think I can give some feedback after playing with them for awhile, I've found a few issues with them.


    Here's what I hope changes:

    • Aquifers or water bodies have strange delimitations to them and seem to be able to carve into each other. It looks unnatural, you end up with unfinished or floating walls of stone on top of lakes. I'd expect the delimiations to go all the way down.
    • Caves are so gosh darn big that you can sometimes see the fog from daylight/sunset/nighttime with a low enough render distance. You can tell the time of day. Maybe caves should have black fog, especially if they end up becoming their own biome!
    • Neighboring caves take up a lot more of the mob cap, it'd be worth considering shortening the spawn range from 128 blocks to 96 blocks. Especially for technical players. I think that would help a lot to reduce how much players will have to spawn-proof or light up and could even serve to increase difficulty a bit.
    • Geodes really look out of place, and maybe shouldn't surface and be rarer. They should be reserved for upcoming new diamond level.
    • I miss Ocean Ravines, man! They were pretty cool, especially with the magma floors.

    Here's what I loved or hopes stays the same!

    • Aquifers are awesome! Really fun to play around in. I almost drowned a few times while getting greedy. It improves the early game, everything feels fresh.
    • Deeper caves!!! And the size is awesome. 
    • If iron spawned lower down, it could make progression a lot more interesting! Same with lapis.
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    I love the new cave generation and how random it is. I also like that you can explore a cave without hitting dead ends constantly, though I have two suggestions that I think would greatly improve the noise caves:

    • Make smaller caves much more common: Don't decrease the noise cave generation, but make smaller caves (such as the old caves) spawn more abundantly in certain areas. Exploring a large series of small caves is fun, and would help take advantage of the new world depth.
    • Make the transition between caves and aquifers more smooth: Aquifers and caves are only separated by about 1 block, making them look very floaty and unnatural. The wall between caves and aquifers should be at least 5 blocks thick. Also, transitions between different local water levels should be less common and more significant; it can be annoying when you're rafting in a cave and you're stopped by a single bar of stone because the local water level changed by 1 block.
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    The new update is nice but the new caves are a way too big. my Idea is to make the new, big caves in a oun biom. because mobfarms will work better and PVE players haven't to place torches everywere.

    PLEASE create the caves a bit smaler or create a one biom for the big Caves!!!

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    SteveNoobGeek commented
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    I played on this version a couple hours with my friend on survival and we thought that getting a stack of diamonds in 15 minutes might be broken but it was too hard to find lava. Can we have more lava lakes on caves to go more quickly in the Nether ?

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    Why don’t we make the sea level zero (y=0). Anything above the water level is a plus and anything below the water level is a minus sign. So the whole surface will be measured above the water level as in the real world.

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    @SteveNoobGeek Ores and lava generation will be added in the future, right now lava is bugged. I'd like to think that Iron, Lapis and Diamond ore distribution gets revised to make the early game feel like more of a journey

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    Royal Fam13 commented
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    i like the new update and i think you should add a new light source thats brighter than torches to light more area or make torches brighter that  would make exploring the caves easier but i like the new cave generation and how big they are and will there be more structures

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    strumovik1268 commented
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    I love the caves but i find that the aquifers don't really open into other caves when they cut into them. Perhaps the thin walls between waterlogged and normal caves that form when the two intersect could be made of clay or some similar material. This would help bring the two cave types together and make the caves a little easier to find.

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    Vortex7632 commented
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    I think that the diamond spawn rate needs to be changed. Finding diamonds in my opinion should be very rare since it is the second-best material in the game, The best being netherite. In one of the big caves, you can find multiple diamond veins that can have 8+ diamonds in them. Please fix this 


    Also, I love everything else about the new update. It is just the spawn rate needs to be changed.

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    GimpDoctor101 commented
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    I was encouraged to post my post as a comment here: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360077127672-New-Cave-Generation-Feedback

    the TLDR: is great caves, don't make too many. The amount of smaller caves is already too large - they become normalized and uninteresting to the player.

    I remember years ago I used to say something like "my base is here and happens to be right beside this cave network." but really a cave network isn't interesting anymore. There's more cave than rock.

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    KarahLameria commented
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    Love the new caves so far along with the world height and depth increase.!

    My feedback/idea to better aid in the caves:

    Since Minecraft's total world height is now 384 blocks, and now has the ability to express the height y-value as a negative integer.

    To better facilitate the coordinate systems and make it more simple for players to know their current depth in relation to 'sea level' I think that the numbers for world height should be shifted to set sea level to (y-0) so that all caves, and ground below sea level is expressed as a negative value, and above sea level is positive.

    My reasoning outside of making it easier for players to know their current depth is this is how we measure height and depth in the real world as a relation to sea level, a mountain is X meters high above sea level, and a cave is X meters deep below sea level. Setting the Y value of sea level to be 0 would mimic this and be a great way for the player base to know their relative positions.

    With this change the total height of the world would not change but give the player base a nicer way to read and understand their position.

    y   256     Sky height (max height)

    y   0         Sea level

    y   -127    Bedrock (max depth)


    Thank you, and keep up the great work dev team!!

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    Andrew Piippo commented
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    If aquifers are going to be as common and vast as seen in these snapshots, there needs to be a new aqua mob that heightens the challenge of traversing here. Something like piranhas for example would be nice to see and add an extra bit of difficulty while roaming these areas. They will attack players swimming and they could also jump out of the water to attack players in boats as well.

    Note: this hostile fish will not spawn in lush caves due to the presence of axolotls. However, if axolotls are following the player when traversing aquifers, these hostile fish will leave the player alone. They are terrified of axolotls.

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    -i hope glow squids spawn in the water caves, and it would be so beneficial if they actually emitted off a light source, i know devs have stated this would require a significant amount of time to develop but personally i really think this would be worth having, especially due to the fact that the caves get so dark. The lichen some-what helps but honestly the caves are really in need of a some-what natural or significant light source to add to the over-all experience when in the caves that isnt a block that the player can use, but helps with the experience when inside caves, like a glowing mushroom.

    -Theres alot of statements on twitter about lowering the level in which diamonds spawn due to how overpowering the rate at which they are obtained has become. I fully agree diamonds should be somewhat lowered in level and perhaps spawn less often in general.

    -in the water caves there isn't any underwater vegetation such as seagrass, kelp, sea pickles and etc. Atleast not that i have seen, i think that underwater vegetation needs to be added along with an increased rate of which sea pickles spawn underwater in order to help with the light source issues players will now be experiencing when inside the caves.

    -personally i would now love to find "underground villages" or an "abandoned village" type of structure in the caves, i think new structures being introduced underground can greatly benefit from all the space thats been added into the caves and it would help with the experience.

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    In my opinion, I think the diamond level should be lowered to at least y =0, unless the deep dark is going to be always below y =0. It makes it extremely easy to find diamonds if you have around 76 blocks of depth to find diamonds in now.

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    the cave should come in many different sizes than what the snapshot added, and the shape of the caves needs to be more smoothed out

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    Overall, the new generation is great!

    However, there are some things I would like to see changed.

    • There are floating lakes underground with only one layer of stone around them, this should be fixed to have more support pillars in generation or underground lakes should only occur on underground cliffs so that they don't float. 
    • There are too many caves generating into lakes on the surface of the world, it seems like every body of water is a cave access and I can barely find any normal lakes.
    • Caves should have entrances that are more like tunnels on the sides of cliffs or hills instead of the bizarre way that they generate like ravines.
    • speaking of ravines, I am upset that ocean ravines were removed (the ones with the obsidian and magma) they were great and added a lot of fun to the ocean, plus a source for magma and obsidian. I would like to see these return instead of being completely scrapped.
    • This may just be a bug, but the new cave generation has seemed to interfere with the ocean generation. Sand is not generating in coral reefs and there is glow lichen all over the sea floor. The glow lichen may be intentional, but I think it should spawn in caves only instead of all over the ocean floor.

    Theres a few of my concerns. I would like to see them resolved in some way, other than that, I am very happy with the new generation (especially the cheese caves!) and the new increased world limits. Its going to be very fun to play around with the cave generation once its more refined!

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    Ideas for new ore heights:

    Coal: Spawns in all layers like before, spawns 25% more in Lush Caves

    Iron: Spawns at y40 to y-64, spawns a bit rarer because of increased height

    Copper: Spawns at y40 to y-64, spawns like normal

    Gold: Spawns at y19 to y-64, spawns rarer due to increased height

    Emerald: Spawns at y0 to y-32, spawns like normal

    Lapis- Spawns at y0 to y-32, spawns like normal

    Diamond- Spawns at y-32 to y-64, spawns a lot rarer due to increased height (13 more blocks of available generation) but spawns 30% more in Deep Dark

    Redstone- Spawns at y-32 to y-64, spawns even more rarer due to increased height and lack of usage.

    Tin- (an ore that should be added to the game) Spawns at y0 to y-32, below mountain, ocean and river biomes, can also spawn touching a water block (in any biome) making them common in aquifiers as well.

    A new type of stone called deepstone (has nothing to do with the deep dark) should generate at all layers below 0, it is like normal stone (drops cobblestone when mined) but is 40% more blast resistant and takes 20% longer to mine.

    Also if possible the nether and end height should be increased/decreased, Ancient Debris and Gold spawning should be nerfed because of this. The end is going to be updated eventually, so just change that while you're doing it to the overworld. It won't be hard especially since it is mostly void.

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    Mayhenfrenzy commented
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    Noise caves get a bit repetitve after some time. I love that they are HUUUGE, but I think those caves could have tunnels to other Noise caves or to the traditional tunnel caves. MAKE THEM GO UP AND DOWN! The underground is DOUBLED, the developers can work with 100 blocks of heigh! Do it, friend.


    For Aquifers, I want underwater tunnels with air-pockets, making fun ways to get to other tunnels and Noise caves

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    Rocket Holmes commented
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    I think it would be cool if mossy cobble and regular cobble generated at the bottom of those stone pillars in noise caves. Another thing that might be cool is glow worms or another glow block to go along side of the glow lichen, because the caves are so big(which I really like), glow lichen and possibly these *new* blocks/mobs could generate in larger clumps. I also think that the new cabes are generating too frequently, I think that the new cave biomes should generate specifically to the size of the caves. The dripstone caves should generate in the largest caves, the lush caves should generate in the medium/small caves, as well as the deep dark. Thanks Devs!!! Keep it up!

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    The new giant caves are AMAZING! Like many other people, though, I think right now they seem rather empty. Underground lakes should have tons of glow squid + unique glowing plants. Maybe bat colonies to liven up the empty space. Or glow bugs that light up the sky! The underground should feel almost like an entirely new dimension, and I think there are plenty of little details that can be added to spice these amazing new spaces up.