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Copper, Blocks and Oxidation Feedback

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    D4360 commented
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    We need to make more recipes with copper, such as a redstone rail that is suitable to have copper instead of gold, because even in reality copper is a good electrical conductor and can be used. I suggest replacing the iron in all Redstone recipes with copper. 

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    TARDIS1224 commented
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    The copper ore should imo should stand out more maybe add a darker tint to the stone that the copper ore is in

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    Change the drowned back PLEASE. What does copper have to do with the ocean anyway? Gold is used in Ocean Monuments as treasure, and it fits with the theme that Drowned were once pirates.

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    Also, please add copper pipes. I'm not saying they have to have a function, although that would be cool. Just for decoration :)

    Note: another thing that would be interesting, is that if any lightning struck a copper-related material, (besides lightning rods) It would spread to all other blocks connecting to it, Dealing damage to a player that is touching them. Another incentive to use lightning rods :)

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    we should have copper armor 

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    CurvedCrib13 commented
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    Drowns should not drop copper it make more sense for gold and where did they get the copper from???.

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    ammaaya commented
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    I like that Drowned drop copper now, gold would be redundant since Piglins are associated with gold already. Maybe in addition y'all could add new metal Copper doors/trapdoors with unique designs? The designs could be vaguely submarine-y to match the aquatic association of Drowned dropping Copper. I think that type of design would look good as the copper rusts over, and combined with the copper building blocks and the lighting rod, copper could have a vaguely steampunk-ish aesthetic block for nice decorations.

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    Allow us to use copper blocks in the stonecutter on Java like we can in Bedrock. Also rename the "stonecutter" to the "sawblade" and allow us to use wooden materials in it as well.

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    jason butorin commented
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    What’s when you add copper bars and it crafts same like the iron bars and they can rust.

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    I really don't think getting copper from drowned is a good idea, because for 1 of the first ores in years, it's already going to be farmable. All you need is a zombie spawner, then convert them into drowneds, its that easy unlike a trident farm, where it has to be drowneds holding them spawned in the wild. The cave update is supposed to bring reason to mine underground, not just to build another farm to get it that easily. That ruins the whole point of the cave update. What we need is to continue to make caves more exciting, and also to start making strip mining exciting, and more reasonable, especially to make strip mining an actual good idea.
    And If you are going to make it be farmable, at least make it so the drowneds also have to spawn holding it in its off-hand, so it can still spawn with tridents too.
    Another way to make copper easier to get but still underground is by frequently getting it in mineshaft chests.

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    I just wanted to point out that I've seen a few suggestions demanding the change of hoppers and other redstone devices/compenents so that they use copper instead of iron. A lot of people think this is realistic, but it actually isn't. Hoppers in real life, for instance, are made out of steel, and pistons are made out of tungsten, which resembles iron more than copper. Redstone components don't always necessarily transmit or produce power; they might just use redstone power to cause an action, and sometimes these actions can be detected by other redstone components that do produce power. Redstone is not necessarilly electricity, either. Redstone is its own form of power transmition and production, and acts a lot like electricity. It might use copper for power, but it doesn't need to rely fully on it. Besides, changing the crafting recipe and ID's of an item can really mess a lot of things up.

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    FeFeRB commented
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    Copper should be used to "digitize" things, for example: the watch could show numbers, the map could move as you walk, the compass should show coordinates and letters, turn chests into safe deposit boxes with passwords.
    It could also be used to improve blocks such as a furnace and pistons, but would make them refillable with redstone and would not work with redstone wires, but with a copper wire through a lightning battery block.

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    ashketus commented
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    I really like the material, it has a lot of potential. However, what I'd really like to see with it is wall or fence variants of it, so copper structures can be made to be more detailed.

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    FeFeRB Most of your suggestions are WAY too modern for minecraft. Also, adding copper to them and suddenly making them advance like 1000 years doesn't make any sense.

    Note: My comment about magnetized copper blocks was deleted for some reason, the general idea is that when lightning strikes fully weathered copper blocks they become magnetized, which means iron items will be attracted to it, and players with iron boots cannot fall off of it, instead they can walk sideways and even upside-down on the block!

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    yagosski commented
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    Copper wrench that rotates blocks.

      Some blocks in minecraft like observers can really become annoying and hard to work with when constructing complicated redstone machines in tight spaces. This copper wrench would have the durability of a flint and steel and it would solve this common problem all players face at some point. 

    (it's not random that so many mods add an item like that)

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    So, about crafting.
    I'm not gonna mince words, I really don't like the recipes for Copper-related blocks. Blocks of Copper aren't consistent with ressources, requiring 4 ingots rather than 9, and Cut Copper blocks aren't consistent with bricks either, requiring 4 Copper Blocks rather than 4 Ingots.

    - Blocks of Copper should be crafted with 9 ingots
    - Cut Copper should be crafted with 4 ingots
    - Using a stonecutter, one Block of Copper should be crafted into 2 Cut Copper Blocks.
    - Cut Copper stairs and slabs should stay the same.

    Why? Well, for one, it's a lot more consistent with the rest of the crafting system. For two, it allows for full Blocks of Copper to be rarer than Cut Copper, and maybe then you could allow them to power Beacons bases.

    Feature-wise, Copper doesn't have enough to compete with Iron nor Gold, and I can't see myself really seeking it out. Sure, the building blocks are great, but there's no Copper item that makes you continously want to stock up on it (like it's the case for Hoppers or Golden Apples). Copper could have more Rails and Minecart related uses, especially to make Minecarts a better transportation option (it's expensive and fun to build rail networks, but it's never actually worth it).

    Finally, some small additions; it'd be cool for Husks to drop Copper Ingots rather than Iron. It'd be also really practical if smelting time was faster, like 150t/75t rather than 200t/100t.

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    i have a new item idea that uses copper

    mining helmet that give you night vision when equipped 

    crafted with 5 copper and a glow ink sac

    copper doesn't have that many recipes so this would help

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    Redstone is practically the Minecraft substitute for electricity. Elecrtical power can charge redstone as we've seen with lightning rods, but there is absolutely no point for electricity becoming its own system when the redstone system already exists. Redstone sometimes even functions in more fun ways compared to real life electricity, and fits much more into the theme of Minecraft.

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    I think that Cut Copper Walls and Chiseled Copper could make Copper itself fit much more into the building aspect of the game. Copper is extremely malleable, so it can be chiseled. It would make sense since Copper is primarily used in building similar to Quartz, but with building variants that are more like stone, so having walls and a chiseled variant does make a lot of sense given its aesthetic.

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    DirtWorm2 commented
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    Copper should have copper plates that you can wear and gain a huge bonus resistance against projectiles.

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    i think that there should be a copper minecart, that also slowly oxidizes like normal copper blocks, which can also be waxed to keep it in its desired state. This would be beneficial for the player because it would be great to use for map making, it would be a great way to add an abandoned or decayed theme to a build or map. This copper minecart should be 1.5x faster than the normal iron minecart due to copper being lighter than iron, this would be very beneficial for transportation, it provides a new way for players to use minecraft transportation, especially regarding the rail system, which hasnt recieved any beneficial new addition in a while. A copper minecart would be a very good thing to have for both transportation and decoration purposes. Having an oxidized copper minecart would look so good for abandoned themed maps/builds.

    It can also perhaps be included in the underground structure generation for the minecraft caves and cliffs update, the minecarts fully decayed state can be used to show that alot of time has gone by sine the minecart was last used, which can be a good indicator that the structure it was generated in was abandoned a long time ago. 

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    Actually, if you think about it, Copper is really consistent with Quartz. The Cut Copper crafting recipe is similar in concept to that of Smooth Quartz, Cut Sandstone, and mean other blocks that are primarily for building. When people think of new material, they think of tools, weapons, armor and beacons. Copper, as we've seen so far, is not meant to be a tier like iron or gold. It has a unique building aesthetic, as well as a few unique uses like lightning rods and possibly brushes. It is not like a new tier of gear would really add much to the game, since there are already some tiers that are barely used.

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    S S commented
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    copper will need more uses. I saw someone suggest a copper pan for "fishing" for gold with which is a nice idea if drowned aren't going to drop gold anymore

    On a longer timescale I think minecraft needs more systems to give items more uses, copper could bring steam or heat into my rooms if attached to a furnace. Maybe in some "extreme weather" biomes this might be necessary to stay alive.

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    ninox6790 commented
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    I have made a post about Copper Doors and Copper Keys. Please vote.

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    Just for consistency's sake, it'd be make so much more sense for new players if Copper ingots could craft the same item types as the other Overworld ingots. Copper tools, armor pieces, a weighted pressure plate, a redstone device (clock, compass), a rail type, a dedicated nugget.

    • Tools and armors don't have to be useful, either, but they could be an interesting way to prolong progression by making iron ores spawn a bit lower down.
    • A pressure plate that only activates when a player walks on them would be super useful for all kinds of things, moreso than the other two pressure plates even.
    • An expensive rail type that makes railroads compete in terms of transportation systems would be great. It could do something with momentum, maybe as a way to launch players.

    None of these in my eyes remove the specialness of copper (the uses for building, the way it ages, etc.), but it does make it worth seeking out as well as making it fit more within the game, at least IMO.


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    Tabarnaque8507 I understand what you're thinking, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That being said...

    I couldn't possibly disagree with that more. What you're suggesting is to take away everything that copper has that is unique, and make it an orange version of iron. Copper tools and armor wouldn't add anything to the game. A dedicated nugget should only exist if we need crafting recipies for it, or add the previously stated tools and armor. There are also a few holes in what you're saying. There is not a rail type for each metal: there are four rail types, and one of them just happens to use gold. There is no reason why we should add these or how they would improve the game. And, if we were to do this, wouldn't we have to add Cut Iron and Cut Gold and slabs/stairs of them? How about we add Gold Bars and Copper Apples while we're at it? Each metal should have it's unique features, and we shouldn't just add a ton of random stuff for "consistency"

    Edit: Tabarnaque8507 Thanks for clarifying about what you meant about a lot of the stuff you suggested, but Copper Armor still feels like a mod thing that shouldn't be in the game. That might be just me though, but having an alloy like Bronze becoming an armor would fit in the game a lot more than copper. I do think the copper pressure plate has a place in the game, but I think the devs don't want to add any more copper blocks because then they'd have to make 4 weathered versions of it xD

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    Yes to Copper Keys, no to copper doors. Copper Keys would be a cool thing for adventure maps as ninox6790 said, but instead of only making Copper Doors locked, we should just add a lock item that can lock all doors and chests.

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    Shizenichi commented
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    I love the principle of the copper to see the time a build lived but it can be fun to clean up the wax copper. Like a sponge or somthing like that for, block by block, turn the copper back to unwaxed copper without break and replace him.
    It can be a new minecraft job ^^ Copper cleaner.

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    Copper definitely needs way more uses than what is currently available. Currently both gold and iron all have many more uses, with gold becoming actually useful as of 1.16 with bartering. Maybe a few more decorative block variations (chiseled copper, pillars, walls, etc) as well as new items such as pipes, bars, and perhaps redstone components.

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    Copper is meant to be mainly a building material, which is why you can craft a Copper Block with only four ingots. That also applies to Quartz, Glowstone and Nether Wart (for some reason). A material block uses the 9 material recipe if it is meant to be mainly for storage or mechanical purposes, like Beacon pyramids and Blocks of Redstone. To me the direction the developers are taking Copper towards is really logical. Having it be a tier won't add anything to the game design. Copper is a building material that also has some other unique purposes like other materials, including lightning rods, spyglasses (if they get a use) and possibly the brushes used in archaeology. They do not want to be simply giving it more crafting recipes for "consistency" without those recipes adding something unique to the game.