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(April Fools 2020 Content) Permanently add infinity snapshot


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    Great idea, but, you should have to make a special frame around the inscription table. also, i think that turning on this setting should disable achievements.  

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    This would be better as a creative tool rather then a survival feature.
    Having this as a survival feature would not feel like Minecraft but rather a mod, it should instead be a thing only obtainable in creative mode.

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    Ex Introvert commented
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    I’m going to add my two cents to the wishing well.

    I’m also a jealous bedrock player lol

    Adding this feature will be about as OP as creative mode is OP. I watch my young kids play all day in creative mode and infinite access to stuff doesn’t ruin the game for them, instead it actually makes the game accessible to them. So based on that, I counter the argument that it would destroy the nature of Minecraft.

    Let Minecraft survival endgame stay sane, but add this feature for fun, via cheats.

    As for the bloat it would cause for mobile users... well yes and no. An infinite overworld has the same potential to bloat, albeit quite a bit slower. But I know that I could create 100 new worlds on my device for the thrill of adventuring and discovery and I would end up running out of space. There would need to be a cloud offloading management feature added perhaps.

    Bloat could also be mitigated by making dimension worlds limited to a certain number of chunks if they are to be persistent rather than transient dimensions. This could be determined by the user (as it currently is, with the create world type selector [flat/infinite/old]) or by device resource limitations.

    I also like the “dual seed” idea. Instead of just having the text directly seed the dimension, have the book text hash with the world seed (or perhaps the portal coordinates/geometry/any combination of variables to salt the hash)

    Doing so would add an astonishing intrigue that would make for countless experiences.