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Create a Minecraft launcher to use old versions


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    i would love to see this implemented
    they should at least add latest version from here on out if not the older versions

    this would definitely reduce the load on the developers

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    If we have to choose, I believe these would be  the best old-version candidates for Bedrock Edition (using Java's update names/IDs):

    Beta 1.7 speaks for itself. Arguably the closure of Classic Minecraft, Beta 1.8 significantly altered terrain and gameplay, effectively closing a chapter in Minecraft history. Many would love to be able to enjoy the strange classic magic of Beta pre-1.8!

    Any of 1.0 to 1.6 As these were official releases before the major changes of 1.7.

    1.7 Incredibly popular to date, this wasn't the "Update that Changed the World" for no reason. This added a host of biomes &  generation additions, items, blocks, etc and was the last version before oceans and the underground were changed by Monuments and the three minerals (Granite, etc)

    1.12 Because this was the last major update to Minecraft, anothe favorite, before the most recent "overhaul" updates (Aquatic, Village, Nether), which have more or less upgraded Minecraft to an entirely other kind of experience.

    1.13, 1.14, 1.15 and the rest of what I call the "overhaul" or "Minecraft 2.0" updates, are each so monumental all by themselves as well as being among the most recent.

    Finally, having even just the final states of each of the next updates to come (1.18, 1.19, etc) would really place enormous customization and freedom in Bedrock players' hands, something we've wanted and Java has enjoyed for a while.

    Personal top 5: 

    Beta (pre-1.8)
    1.18 and beyond