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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    This is also a good place to discuss any other old versions that may be appropriate for the launcher. Thanks!

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    JustinMcHammer commented

    I agree

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    edouglass750 commented

    That would be fun

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    TubsO28 commented

    I think this would cause a lot of hardship and annoyed grunts while trying to achieve. It was much easier to do it to the Java edition because they've been with that same client for so long now. But trying to get like 2012 Minecraft in the bedrock edition would just be a waste of time for them at least from my perspective. 

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    MarcosAMD08 commented

    It would be great!!! I have some friends and we were talking about been able to change version in our phones. So it would be great to have option that allow us to change the version.

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    TangledMOW commented

    Or so we can join a realm that is running on an older version whilst an update is forced onto us without asking for consent, now I'm forced to sit here and moan whilst I could be building epic castles with my friends who weren't foolish enough to restart their laptops tonight

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    cellphonium commented

    I want to toggle beta and released each other without uninstalling so i need minecraft be launcher too.

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    Sonnyjames2007 commented

    Great idea even though I don't play bedrock often

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    James Leibee commented

    I agree and would love to be able to switch between beta and vanilla minecraft on the fly from the launcher. It's quite annoying to have friends that play beta and friends that dont. The current process for switching can be complicated, as sometimes even after I opt out, it continues to install beta. Opting back in isn't normally an issue.

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    skypinblue commented

    I agree too

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    AquaTax02 commented

    I feel this is a great idea, but I think one problem that would be run into is (assuming this is being based off of PE) is that versions older than better together would have to be created for the Xbox One and Windows 10 (along with other versions). For example, if MCPE 0.4 was put up, the versions other than pocket would have to have working blocks for the Stonecutter and the creation of the cyan flower, along with nether reactor support. Another thing is that they would not be able to have the exact same menu, as Bedrock has the option to switch from keyboard to touch to controller, while mcpe 0.4 only has touch enabled, so a way to fix that problem is to decide the device when you open the launcher. I do feel this is a great idea, and it would be really great if they did create this, especially if they could add older PE edition support

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    HyblockerMC commented

    There is one huge issue with this. I'm not saying I don't like this, in fact, I LOVE this idea, but storage might be an issue. Especially the mobile variants, where the Nintendo Switch, and mobile versions would have issues. The solution I see is downloading the version you want from the store like some form of DLC, because that way, the updates don't all have to be installed.

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    Oakleaf30 commented

    Maybe the 2 most recent major updates. Cause sometimes we play multiplayer and one of my friends can’t update yet, and then they can’t join in. So a launcher is a good idea

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