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(Beta/Snapshot Program) switching between beta and non beta version without leaving beta


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    RomaqRosher commented

    I have Logdotzip's screams of agony over Twitter for THIS SPECIFIC ISSUE embedded in my brain. I'll help you test your Beta, but blocking my ability to play on the Realms server I'm paying for bites it big-time.

    There has to be a better way.

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    EX0Shooter48 commented

    I need help too im in beta 1.9.0 without doing anything


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    For game mechanics, it seems simple enough - put everything behind the Experimental Gameplay toggle.
    For everything else, though... two entries in app stores perhaps? Assuming purchases are transferable, that is.

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    DuvyChaos commented

    I want to see this happen, because I love beta testing but I haven't been because I play with my nonbeta test friends daily, They should, at the very least, be two separate games or have a launcher to choose between them.