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  • 6 votes

    Cave and Forest Mob: Spormite

    This mob,named Spormite,It consists of three cubes, one larger than the other, the largest being the head. They do not have arms and they are hostile. They are medium size, have 5 hearts and their ...
  • 13 votes

    A clever new use for bats | A long needed and minor update

    Bats are one of the least developed creatures in the game at the moment, sadly. However there are many ways these beauties can become much more useful (or possibly dangerous) with some minor tweaki...
  • 9 votes

    Illusion Illagers and Giants (just read it)

    First of all, you cannot summon these mobs in bedrock edition, Second of all their sounds are unused and so are the mobs in survival. They obviously drop nothing, you should add these mobs where th...
    needs info
  • 2 votes

    Mob Attributes

    Mobs have always been predictable in terms of what you expect from them. Some mobs need to be have new attributes to them to make them more unique. Here are some that might work: Cows- Have them be...
  • 5 votes

    Pigs and rabbits should eat the crops with the sheep eating grass animation

    I mean, pigs do damage and eat crops in real life, so they should do this in Minecraft, pigs should go towards the crops that are 15 block away from them, so that defending crops will be a little h...
  • 6 votes

    Alternate Trident Dropping Mob

    Trident should be a more well-guarded artifact much the elytra or beacon. To acquire the trident the player should be faced with more of a challenge. My suggestion a mini-boss (about the same stren...
  • 11 votes

    Swamp Manatees

    Hi I’m MiffinMaker28 and I’m here to request an idea for the Minecraft swamps. At the moment Minecraft swamps are almost completely useless and don’t even have there own mob. Here is my idea to s...
  • 245 votes


    They should add Meercats into Minecraft because they'll be cute and you can feed them and I think you should be able to tame them.
  • 10 votes

    Parrots should be a warning system

    I'm thinking of a use for having parrots besides looking like a pirate when perched on your shoulder. What I'm suggesting is that parrots, when perched upon your shoulder, should be a warning syste...
  • 22 votes

    Dog mechanics

    Dogs have been in Minecraft for a long time but you don’t actually do anything with them. They follow you. The kill for you. They sit down. Imagine if you could throw an object and a dog could run...
  • 14 votes

    Carnivorous plants (translation inside comments) 新的食肉植物

  • 2 votes

    biome of unfortunate events 3: add mobs and structures

    ok. so i know you saw part 1 and 2 of this...   but  i have to give you more details about it.  mabye add a school. in the biome? or more red moon mobs. yes! ok. i will show you makeabel red moon m...
  • 25 votes

    Moose - an epic mob

    Penso che il minecraft abbia bisogno di alci. Una volta uccisi, potevano dare le loro corna al giocatore. E a Natale un piccolo gruppo di loro può avere la trama di Rudolf !! - - MANGIARE - - Le al...
  • 16 votes

    Hippo mob

    It would be interesting to have an Hippo in the minecraft especially in desert biome
  • 17 votes

    more mobs at mushroom islands + shroomster

     I think that although the mushroom islands are always an interesting find but however after initially discovering them you quickly realize they are quite barren with not a lot of cool things to lo...
  • 5 votes


    It looks like... An anime angel that flies, like a harmless Vex from MCPE. (Both gender)
  • 15 votes

    Fantasy Shark Mob: The Albadon!

     Since Minecraft couldn't add it's own shark mob, why not have a fantasy counterpart? This idea is by reddit user: MushirMickeyJoe, and don't worry, he gave me permission to make this post. Artwork...
  • 11 votes

    Lily Lurkers!

    The Lily Lurker, a brand new mob that could inhabit swamps!  Abilities: The lily lurker would have 15 HP (7.5 hearts) This mob would disguise itself as a lilypad, underwater you can see the rest of...
  • 10 votes

    Frozen Creepers!

    This new mob would be for the freezing biomes. It would be a white and blue variant of the creeper. When the creeper explodes it sends snowballs that inflict slowness everywhere, turns water to ice...
  • 5 votes

    Desert Spiders!

    Just like a normal spider, but it’s tan and has green eyes, and instead of potion it gives you hunger when it attacks. Normal spiders would no longer spawn in deserts as well. In mesas, they would ...
  • 14 votes

    Bearded Dragons!

    This lizard-like mob would be fairly small, spawn in deserts/mesas, and would have little spikes under its head to signify a beard. This mob drops bones, 1-3. The bearded dragon can also be tamed, ...
  • 22 votes

    The Mythos Dimension – Non-Humanoid Mobs

    If you found this post directly, please refer to the hub post (link) before reading. =3   Deer: Deer are passive mobs.  They drop venison, hide, and antlers.  The hide can be traded to the tree fol...
  • 7 votes

    Different Variants Of Mobs For Different Biomes

    For instance in swamps mobs are covered in swap water  due to where they live. Another part of it would be that you can toggle it on and off in settings. For a jungle they could have some vines gro...
    needs info
  • 5 votes

    End flying mob

    The nether has ghosts and blazes that flies. The overworked has phantom. What about the end? The end has only the dragon that can fly, (a boss mob). I think the End City should have more than just ...
  • 8 votes

    Gargler / Clay Golem

    The Gargler is a zombie variant that spawns in Mesa-type biomes. It's body is lathered in clay. The Gargler would have a small chance of dropping Animated Clay. Animated Clay could be used to make ...
  • 7 votes

    Camo Creepers!

    Creepers Are Getting Bland, Why Not Spice Them Up? Give Them Some Camouflage! Different Variations Include: Forest Creepers, Cave Creepers, Desert Creepers, Taiga Creepers Etc. For Things Aside Fro...
  • 7 votes


    add peacocks that can be tamed with seeds, and you can have the ability to ride them around. add an item called a peacock saddle. peacocks can lay peacock eggs that can be broken with a silk touch ...
  • 1 vote

    (Ice) Prehistoric guardians

    In the ice burgs where some prehistorick life is preserved there is an prehistorick gardian that hunts in the rain. What is it : It is an gardian that is tha couler Buff ( a shade of brown ) it use...
  • 5 votes

    Ghosts of Previously Killed Mobs

    The ghost of all the mob you killed can spawn on the soulsand
    needs info
  • 6 votes

    Creeper drop tnt

    Rare drop for the creeper can drop 1 tnt