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  • 22 votes

    Highland Cow and other mob variants

    The skeleton and the zombie both have biome specific variants right? So why not the cow? The Highland Cow should spawn in cold biomes and have the same drops as a normal cow but with the rare Highl...
  • 122 votes

    Monkeys (was: Increased jungle mobs (was: Make the jungle feel more jungley))

    The jungle feels really empty, the current mobs spawning there dont add to the jungle feel. How about adding jungle animals like monkeys that spawn high up in the trees(could be friendly and curiou...
  • 45 votes

    Add savana and safari animals

    needs info
  • 19 votes

    The Lurker

    The Lurker would be exclusive to the mine shafts and when aggressive will open its cloak and attack dealing 2 hearts of damage. When killed it would drop ecto plasum which would be used to brew a n...
  • 46 votes

    Cat and Dog Spawn Eggs

    I think that, along with a spawn egg for ocelots and wolves, there should be a spawn egg for cats and for dogs. It can get really annoying to have to spawn in the wolves and ocelots, then have to t...
  • 26 votes

    Goblins in Minecraft! 😀

    These unique mobs would be thieves. They would steal from you by maybe punching you one time. Any sort of valuable loot that you have on you would be taken, and the only way to get it back is to ch...
  • 31 votes


    hello (i'm using google translation)I propose: the koalahe is in the savannahhe can carry his littleand he is in the trees of the savannahif we give him to eat he can give us batton or (1 time / 10...
  • 11 votes

    The evoker should be able to evoke more feelings/emotions.

    The evoker can currently evoke a vex which btw truly is vexing!! But I think they should have a rare chance of evoking anger or greed or even hatred! maybe a new mini boss (like the elder guardian)...
  • 58 votes


    I think it would be nice to have butterflies in Minecraft. They could flutter around the overworld and fly towards and sit on flowers. They could come in the 16 wool colours and could fly in pairs....
  • 53 votes

    Komodo Dragon/Gecko (was: Passive and hostile reptiles (was: More Reptiles))

    I would LOVE to see more reptiles! I prefer lizards(mostly passive) and geckos. The comodo dragon could be neutral and all geckos passive. Feel free to add hostile reptiles like alligators and croc...
  • 54 votes

    Sea dragon, sea dinosaur (was: A Ridable Sea Mob)

    I thought of what it could be is like a sea dragon or dinosaur which you could tame with Pufferfish. After taming this entity you would apply phantom membrane so his armour coat is hardened and the...
  • 14 votes

    Pigman Rider

    Hello proud minecrafter for 5 years here, I know most people would think the nether is very crowded with Mobs... I always found it a shame that the "Zombie Horse" is still to this day not...
  • 44 votes


    Like parrots, you can tame crows with seeds. They avoid up players so you have to sneak up behind them while there not facing your direction to feed them or like a cat have to wait till they fly to...
  • 12 votes

    Phantom-like creatures.

    Maybe we could have a hostile mob thats basically a phantom. But instead of spawning if you undersleep it can spawn if you oversleep (like, you sleep every day), maybe if you sleep like idk a 5 or ...
  • 7 votes

    Shulker Shells (was: Shulkers)

    Right now, aside from Shulker chests, Shulker shells stand quite useless and this shouldn't be the case for an endgame item. It would be great to give them that little feature to get purple dye or ...
  • 16 votes

    Imps (Clever, Cunning, Evil, Theiving Deamons)

           Imps would not spawn naturally in the overworld  until you open the nether portal for the first time. This releases all the evil critters from the nether. (Pandora's Box much?) Imps can disg...
  • 14 votes

    Salmon in Swamps.

    While the swamps did receive some attention in update aquatic I feel like the water feels empty. Adding Salmon into the water would add more life into the biome. Another Idea to add on to this is s...
  • 94 votes

    Cow, pig, chicken variations (was: New Animal Variations)

    I think it would be a cool idea to have more animal varients. Cows could have a black and white varient, we could have more wolf varients depending on the biome your in like a desert wolf, snow wol...
  • 44 votes

    Hawks and eagles

    I think there should be big hawks and eagles that people can tame with fish or seeds And if they are tamed the person that tamed them can ride them. I would love that.
  • 39 votes

    Placeable chicken egg

    Turtle have an egg as a block not just an item. So why not also use this trick for chicken, they should place it not just drop it and wait till you accidently collect it.
  • 9 votes

    Enchanted Item

    You recognize the item, but some ancient strange ritual has given it the ability to float.  Now it wanders the land, looking for its creator.  Randomly generated item (tools, swords, books) that dr...
  • 22 votes


    Looks like a chest when you walk up to it but opens to reveal a set of teeth ready to bite you.  Can make short hops like a slime (probably uses same AI).  Generates in strongholds, fortresses, and...
  • 28 votes

    Pegasus Elytra

    Hey y'all! What if there was a way to make horses fly!? I think that to make horses fly, we could either where eltra and use yhem one horse back, or put eltra on hoses, making them fly , to enable...
  • 18 votes

    Chicken inconsistencies

    One thing that I believe needs to be updated is the way chickens work in Minecraft. When you breed the chickens, it immediately gives you baby chicks instead of an egg. While, if you wait long enou...
  • 14 votes


    Endermites should be able to turn back into endermen after a while. Also instead of silverfish at the spawner next to the end portals there should be endermites.
  • 47 votes


    Elephants in Minecraft! -A tamed elephant could have the ability to carry tree logs, maybe even help you build! -Attacking an elephant will cause him to throw you up in the air with his strong tru...
  • 26 votes

    Cow, pig and chicken behavior (was: New Behavior)

    I think you should reprogram all of the old mobs like the cow, pig and chicken. They should have a feature fx if you walk or run towards it, then it would run away because it is scared. But if you ...
  • 35 votes

    Add New Jungle Mob: Giant Dragonflies that transport players across jungle terrain

    You should add an exotic mob that can help the player get past one of the most difficult terrains of any biome. The dragonfly would be a passive, giant bug mob.  It cannot be tamed, but the player ...
  • 62 votes

    Add New Jungle Mob: Panthers

    Along with the jungle's lonely resident, the ocelot, how about a bigger, hungrier cat? Neutral by day, hostile by night, panthers could climb trees and cover longer distances than other mobs with a...
  • 30 votes

    Add New Jungle Mob: Vampire bats

    Bats are boring.  How about a hostile variant? These could spawn in jungle biomes and in caves beneath jungles.  They will attack the player only for a short time, but not without dealing mining fa...