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  • 725 votes

    Mob spawning needs to be more balanced on Minecraft

    Here are some of the community comments and observations made regarding mob spawning in Minecraft.  A balanced mob spawning system is needed with consistent spawning rules. This would mean that dur...
  • 361 votes

    (Updated) About the Mobs, Animals, and non-Humanoids Area

    If it moves in Minecraft we probably are collecting feedback about it here. One suggestion per post, please. (For example posts about Dogs = good vs posts about Dogs AND Cats at the same time = no...
  • 243 votes


    Now, I've noticed a lot of cool new things added into the game, such as Dolphins, different fish, the trident, and the new swimming animation!    But, I was wondering if Mojang could try and add pe...
  • 188 votes

    Crossbreeding Dogs

    If they ever add many different variants of species of dogs, they should add crossbreeding to gain new breeds and abilities for the dog and it's owner.
  • 148 votes

    Overworld dragons

    Dragons that spawn (rarely) in emerald caves (caves which contain many emeralds) in the side of mountains. The dragon would attack villages (hence the emeralds) and would obviously have some kind o...
  • 146 votes

    Trained pets

    The pets such as horses cats dogs and parrots should listen to us. We should have a choice between sit, stay, freemove or follow. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT THIS IS NECESSARY. Along with new animals.
  • 124 votes

    Generic Birds

    Right now in Minecraft the sky is very bland. we could spice this up with generic bird mobs! - Biome diversity for the birds will be important. They spawn in literally every biome. They have differ...
  • 111 votes

    Training Mechanism for Dogs, Dolphins, and Parrots (edited)

    Dogs, Dolphins, and Parrots are three of the smartest animals on Earth.  This is evidence by their ability to master commands and tricks. What if there was a simple "Teach a Trick" modal ...
  • 102 votes

    Venomous snakes

    Biome specific venomous snakes. Any item used to defend against them would become poisoned, and inflict poison on who or whatever was attacked by the weapon, or who ate the food used to fend off th...
  • 99 votes

    Add Zebras and Other Mobs for the Savannah Biome (edited)

    So you're entering a Minecraft African biome and you find...cows.  Sheep.  Pigs.  We need some variety.  Below are some general ideas I have for appropriate mobs for the savanna.  Even a few can ma...
  • 98 votes

    The Axodile: the "Shark" that Minecraft Needs!

      The Axodile is a prehistoric shark-like creature created by me as u/Axoladdy on the r/Minecraft and r/minecraftsuggestions subreddits. The creation of this creature came amidst the controversy o...
  • 96 votes

    Slimes should join back together

    If you kill a fairly large slime right now, it just splits off into smaller versions of itself. This suggestion was to make it so slimes, after a certain duration (if not killed) will join back tog...
  • 95 votes

    New Desert Mobs: Vultures and an Undead Variant (was Desert Mobs post) (edited)

    Deserts and Mesas are dreary, but there can still be more survivor mobs to give more personality to the harsh biome, like a drought-driven scavenger of sorts, that could also be a fitting continuit...
  • 94 votes

    Gorilla (was: Add some new animals)

    You should add the gorilla.when you attack it it becomes hostile
  • 90 votes

    Dog genders

     I think dogs should have different genders A light blue for a boy A light pink for a girl  
  • 85 votes


    I think it would be nice to have butterflies in Minecraft. They could flutter around the overworld and fly towards and sit on flowers. They could come in the 16 wool colours and could fly in pairs....
  • 84 votes

    Slugs & Snails

    Slugs & Snails may not be the biggest addition, but they would be a nice animal to have around. Snails could drop their shell and slime. Slugs could just drop slime, and I'm not talking about s...
  • 84 votes

    Three types of Owls

    My brother likes owls so I came up with an idea for them. Too many rabbits in your game, well this bird will solve that problem. The owl is a neutral mob that is hostile only to rabbits (makes sens...
  • 80 votes

    Cat and Dog Spawn Eggs

    I think that, along with a spawn egg for ocelots and wolves, there should be a spawn egg for cats and for dogs. It can get really annoying to have to spawn in the wolves and ocelots, then have to t...
  • 79 votes

    Venus Fly Trap

    Venus Fly Traps will spawn only in jungles and take down 5 health a second to any kind of animals or players, also drop flies and Venus Fly Trap teeth (could be used as a weapon)
  • 77 votes

    Taming the Ender Dragon

    I am all for adding dragons to Minecraft, it has kinda a medieval theme to it and all, but adding lots of different dragons seems like a job for mods, so the Ender Drag. Should be tameable, here i...
  • 76 votes

    Add New Jungle Mob: Panthers/Leopards (edited)

    Along with the jungle's lonely resident, the ocelot, how about a bigger, hungrier cat? Neutral by day, hostile by night, panthers could hunt mobs and players by stealth as in real life. Two varian...
  • 75 votes


    Elephants in Minecraft! -A tamed elephant could have the ability to carry tree logs, maybe even help you build! -Attacking an elephant will cause him to throw you up in the air with his strong tru...
  • 75 votes

    Mystical Creatures (was: Update)

    Add mystical creatures like mermaids, unicorns, dragons, etc
  • 74 votes

    Red Pandas (was: Better keeping away from forests..)

    When you've seen the name of that topic, you looked pretty scared.. Or rather perplexed, because you were wondering what could be dangerous in the forest, right ? So, here we go.Red Pandas ! Don't ...
  • 73 votes


    Minecraft is awesome! Minecraft Mobs are awesome! SOLTHS ARE AWESOME! SLOTHS + MINECRAFT = SUCCESS!!! If this does happen, this is what they should do. Habitats: Sloths would spawn I. Savana biomes...
  • 73 votes

    Mobs Can Break Blocks

    I Think In future Maybe add A Mob can Breaks Block ? That will be cool ! (1.14)
  • 72 votes

    Starfish, Sea Urchins, Barnacles

    When I think of the sea, I always think of Starfish and Sea Urchins clustered all over the stripped logs of piers.  I'd also think about the barnacles that are simply everywhere!   These would be i...
  • 71 votes

    Ice Giants (found in Ice Temples)

    Ice temples would be a very rare structure that would spawn in tundra biomes.  They would have several floors with various mobs and loot, but at the bottom of each ice temple would lie a treasure r...
  • 70 votes

    Carp (goldfish or koi)

    The rivers are really lacking in fish variety compared to the oceans. Maybe there could be plain carp in the rivers, which could then be converted into different varieties of goldfish or koi. This ...