River Rafting – Local Water Height Rivers, River Cliffs, Mountain Springs


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    With the new terrain and cave generation, why not add new river generation too?

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    Flowing water generated over source blocks:

    An alternative method to manage local water height changes, if considering river generation changes generally; compared to rocky rapids a full 8 blocks of flowing water generated over source blocks might look better for slow rivers. This might seem odd as it is difficult to make such as a player, but I expect players rarely modify natural rivers, and might prefer this to rapids in gradual height changes, especially if this made the water level changes navigable up-river.

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    To collect more information on river generation suggestions, there seems to be significant distributed support for updating surface/mountain river generation in a somewhat similar way, sometimes specifically in the caves/cliffs update:

    Improvements to Rivers

    River Biome: river source

    Fix Mountain Rivers or Fix Rivers in General

    Better lakes and rivers

    River World Generation

    Badlands (Canyon rivers)

    Streams and rivers update

    Better river, lakes and waterfalls

    Rivers with varying water levels

    As well as support for river caves:

    Underground Rivers

    And general river update suggestions:

    Remodeled Rivers

    River Deltas


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    yeah its really annoying when rivers cut a mountain in half and make you cross a huge gap

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    Hot springs would be a great idea, they would make a better connector between flooded caves and rivers then the awkward gaps in the ground currently used in the bedrock beta. Also, Mountain lakes fed by small creeks would be a Improvement from the gigantic cracks made by rivers.