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Better lakes and rivers


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    Hilmy091 commented
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    Rivers that can travel y levels would be really nice for waterfalls

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    Tanner201X commented
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    Fish should spawn in Lakes as well.

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    They should add waterfalls to go along with it. And add some new mobs that spawn specifically in rivers.

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    My idea would be that the start of the river should be at the nearest highest elevated land (like Hills and Mountains), where it starts out with a small water fall and a brook. Then as it gradually moves to lower elevations, it widens, forming small rivers then in to large rivers.

    River variants can include:
    Shallow River (about 1 block high of water), Deep River (about as deep as 16 blocks), Rapids (a sloped river that's mostly flowing water.

    The rivers should always end into a lake or an Ocean biome and not just loop around. If there's a significant shift in depth as the river goes along, that's where the Waterfalls are located.