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End Ports/Docks


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    I think another end update would be cool maybe the traders could sell shulker boxes making them renewable also maybe end illagers with some sort of wingless ender dragon maybe they could be some sort of cult? Also it would be cool if they made some nice looking end plants as chorus fruits are really ugly.

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    Adam Sirkis commented
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    The End has ships, so it should have docks and lighthouses

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    I really like your idea, especially the End Lighthouse !

    I think it should be some kind of dungeon (probably made out of obsidian), hard to climb and containing jumping elements like a broken stair. The treasure would be the new interesting light source at the top. Someone already created such a block: it’s the Illumino, that can light up a large area. (I personally proposed the very similar End Sun that you can see on this comment, and there is another similar idea here.) Alternatively, it could be another new special light source, like a spotlight or a floodlight (see the corresponding posts), in that case it would be great if the rays could be visible and not just the light spot, in order to see that it’s a lighthouse. It could also be a horizontal beacon like described here.