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Illumino - a large light source


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    I like this idea, but maybe instead of calling the center a Illumino Core, we could call it the orb of luminescence, illumino core just feels kinda weird to say

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    Wow, I posted a very similar idea some weeks ago but my post disappeared, maybe because yours was already there but I don't have any clue. Anyway, I'm going to paste my version here to avoid making a duplicate. At the end, I think it's better as a comment, because it is more specific.

    The End Sun (large radius light source)

    In a certain range from this special light source, let’s say a 25 blocks radius, every block is at the maximum light level. The light level slowly decreases past that. A block isn’t lit if there is no path from it to the End Sun, so that a completely closed room next to it is still dark inside.

    This would be incredibly useful for architecture as it allows a uniform lighting inside buildings, or in survival, for avoiding monsters in an area without placing torches everywhere.

    It’s a block with an animated texture similar to lava, except it’s rather white (possibly with a yellow or blue tint, like a real hot star).

    I called it “End Sun” because I suggest you would find it in End Lighthouses (see this other post). But it could be found elsewhere and be named for example “micro-sun” or “sun block”.

    You could mine it only with a netherite pickaxe. Otherwise, it is not affected by the pickaxe at all (it’s hot plasma after all). This could even result in a new achievement: “Mining Suns”.