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Light Source Blocks & Distance


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    I agree. This would also be useful when building large rooms with high ceilings, as you would no longer have to hide lights in the floor.

    In addition, I think it would be nice if light blocks emitted different light levels based on how hard they are to get. Torches could stay at 15 (as they have to be placed on the wall anyway), but Glowstone could be increased to 30, and End Game light blocks like End Rods and Sea Lanterns can be as high as 60. Minecraft 1.14's new lighting engine improvements mean that this change would be very easy to implement.

    As torches and Glowstone are easy to get early game, you wouldn't want to buff them too much, but End Rods are post dragon blocks, you don't get them until the same time as Elytra. Sea Lanterns similarly are quite difficult to get, as you have to destroy a Guardian Temple and build a farm to get a reliable amount of the block.

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    Hilmy091 commented
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    I have a similar idea like this but not quite the same, I'm not sure if I should comment about it here or make a new post. Anyways, this should definitely be implemented.