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TNT Pillager

under review


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    popchicken72 commented

    good i love this!

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    Some Animal commented

    Very nice, but perhaps in hard it should have more TNT before it runs out.

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    buttboy24 commented

    i think that he should keep tnt and take normal damage, and have gaurdian villagers with crossbow

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    MJ Wentzel commented

    That is a vote to you good sir.

    Somebody needs to deal with that pesky player building walls around the village...

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    Mc Rat commented

    I would love this. The problem is that this would suck for casual players or people who just like building stuff without mobs ruining them.

    There should be a few things to keep in mind to implement this properly:

    1. Make it only spawn on Hard difficulty, or maybe a completely new Expert difficulty.

    2. Make it only break certain blocks, like stone and wooden stuff. So this would only break walls, but not the ground. It would be annoying to fix both the wall and the ground. And nobody builds walls out of dirt anyways.

    3. Related to the previous point, maybe they would try not to blow up any chests or barrels.

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    Do we really want another "world griefing" mob? What if the player decided to build a custom village him/her-self? This mob would ruin their (probably time consuming) build(s). I think that if you do decide to implement this, make it so that it doesn't destroy blocks at all.

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    The PrimedTnt entity would have to have a Pillager tag so that if mobGriefing is off, the TNT simply does damage, no block damage. I think it should only spawn on Normal+, and on Hard, should have 2 TNT instead of 1.

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    Jonny Bravo commented

    I think this would be better if the TNT raider was made into a separate illager mob instead of a pillager, otherwise great suggestion!

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    nick2869 commented


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    SpaceCat506 commented

    I like the idea of a pillager that can break into house but my honest opinion is that there should be a holster who can break into village houses but rather than that I think it should have a axe or something that could break wood, sandstone, cobblestone like a shield bash because tnt doesn't fit the illagers so I think one with a shield and sword that can bash to break blocks

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    Makaneek commented

    seems kind of overpowered, but maybe in hard mode.

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    I was going to post something similar because this is a great idea! the biggest weaknesses of raids is that you only need to build a 2 block wall around the village and then your completely safe. this addition makes raids much more formidable for end game players.