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Nitwit Dialog


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    It’s the little things that count

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    ItsDEADSPARKZ commented

    This would be a nice comedic touch

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    SaoNianLion commented


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    Braedyn Vest commented

    never seen this villager ever

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    Mc Rat commented

    Yeah maybe just like 5 different quotes. And they could be translated to other languages.

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    Can anyone here come up with more silly and nonsensical things for Nitwits to say?  I hope we manage to come up with stuff the devs will take fancy to...

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    aernado commented

    This is an amazing idea.   Also, for a dialogue idea:

    "Well isn't that a nice potato."

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    The little thing at the end made me cringe but it gets my vote. It could also be splash texts and stuff.

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    Ttngummybear commented


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    "Diamonds are yummy"

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    Riolubruh commented

    just, yes.

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    Romance OEM commented

    I love the idea of random gibberish. It makes the Nitwit more likable which should be the point of his existence.

    "Sigh... I do all the work around here."

    "Where's your nose?"

    "They say the world is square. I think it's round."

    "I know how to stack 100 items... uh, oh wait, I forgot..."

    But I think more can be done here besides gibberish. On rare occasions, imagine you talk to him, but instead he just sneezes in your face and you get a free slime from it.

    Another thing that would be funny to see is the Nitwit sleeping standing up with Zzz of his head or pretending to be a Zombie Villager when a real Zombie/Villager is near. The real zombies actually ignore him believing he's one of them.

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    Dewniel commented

    Yea, this would be pretty funny

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    He should have an easter egg where if he is near other villagers and you try and trade with him, he says, "Oh, uh trading? Sorry, can't do that with you right now, I need to trade with this <insert other villager's profession here>. Bye!"

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    Dasparksman commented

    It would be like a more noticeable splash text (The yellow text on the menu), I love this Idea!

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    Some Animal commented

    "Ah, disgusting! A zombie! Oh wait... it's just you, I was hoping to finish trading with that green fellow over there."
    Probably too long... I got carried away.

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    Tatskanen commented

    The most needed feature in Minecraft.

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    Jake Hughes commented

    and if a nitwit is in front of a villager when they are struck by lightning the nitwit could say your a witch (insert randomly generated name here) as a harry potter reference 

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    Pascal Anema commented

    Where should the nitwit dialogue appear?
    Is it something with tellraw? Or a completely new kind of system with text bubbles?
    I surely prefer the latter, but wonder whether it fits in with the context or within minecraft as a whole.
    Although this would be such a small feature that it won't be that noticable, but the text bubble system that this would require would also be very handy for map makers! :D

    So maybe it's like a command that the nitwit executes whenever you talk to him: making a speech bubble pop up with a random gibberish-phrase.
    These phrases could be structured similarly to splash texts so you could add your own inside a resource pack.

    I love this idea, it's silly, it's stupid, it belongs with the nitwit!

    "pssst... 64 emeralds for one dead bush, you can't miss these marvelous trades!"

    "Aaaaghh what's that?!"
    "oh, nevermind that's the sun"

    "Leave me alone, I'm working!"

    "Panda's are so scary... One of them thought I was bamboo..."

    "Have you seen my cat?"

    "... Sigh..."

    "Don't you see I'm doing important stuff here??"

    "I keep wondering... What are those giant sheep doing up there?"

    "Do a barrel roll!"

    And of coarse, the community shall provide more, but I think the Mojang team is also creative enough to think up more funny phrases.

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    Keagan Biech commented

    I think a better way would be if the Nitwit said a splash text that appears in the minecraft menu.

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    Quantum Crab commented

    "Ah yes, I was the first to ever discover dirt."

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    SASSY GRASSY9 commented

    This would make Minecraft much more fun

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    Memes In Minecraft! (MIM) YAY!! (well, new ones at least).


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    Like they open a trading window but they can't sell anything they just have one of the quotes from the minecraft splash instead.

    "It's finished!"

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    Crie um aldeão minerador que ande nas Minas abandonadas construindo trilhos e Minas. 

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    If Dan Lloyd from Element Animation does the voices, anything will be hilarious and awesome.

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    It's so random, like the splash texts... But I love it.

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    Jake Hughes commented

    "why does everyone say pink sheep are rare there they are rolling around in the mud oinking at me"

    "I've traveled here from the futuristic past everyone says hi by the way"

    "I'm punny."

    "Clearly you didn't get the meme-o"