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Remove phantoms they break the game


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    Please don't describe the Phantom (or anything so trivial as a video game mob) using words like "hate" or "dumb". It's pretty childish of you. They are very strong words that have their use in specific situations, and this is not one of them.

    Now to address your concerns.

    1) Not wanting to have Phantoms added to the game because you don't like them is a perfectly reasonable opinion. However, you're going to have to do more than call them "annoying" to convince anyone that your opinion is correct. Tell us why they shouldn't be added. Are they imbalanced to the point that no adjustments will save them? If so, how?

    2) Factions servers will have no problem dealing with Phantoms if they don't want them around, so your other point is moot. There are command-based ways to get rid of them.

    3) Even if you have Phantoms spawn on you, in a faction world or your own survival world, you could always just stay indoors or go mining to avoid them entirely. So there are options available besides sleeping or fighting them. 

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    I think phantoms are already pretty fairly balanced.  They only attack when you're out in the open, so you can still stay safe from them even if you aren't able to sleep.  And MacchuPicchu is right that if they cause problems on big servers, those servers already have ways to fix it.

    And with the phantoms a thing, people are more likely to agree to sleep at night.

    At least see how it's playing out before deciding it's a massive problem.

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    Some players carry beds around with them in survival mode. I do.  You don't seem to have a lot of facts behind the idea that "phantoms break servers".  The game still has ways to avoid new blocks and mobs by player navigation.

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    Si SH commented

    They are great mobs why should they get removed ?

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    Here's my take, sure keep them in but fix the little annoyances that bug people. Examples:

    Hitbox- the phantom hitbox is similar to that of a bat or baby zombie where only the body can be targeted while it consists of mostly wings. I suggest rather making the hitbox larger or make them move more predictable cause as is it's an absolute pain to use anything other than a bow. 

    Spawning range- with other mobs there's a minimum range they can spawn away from a player but I have them spawn within 10 blocks of me almost always. So make them spawn at the same minimum distance as all the other hostile mobs. 

    Noise- they are very quiet, if not the quietest hostile mob(excluding creepers) so before they attack they should have a sound like a screech or something like the creeper has a fissile. 

    Phantoms are a very unique mob and I'd like to see them optimized for maximum intricacy for minimum stress, as is however I believe they need some tweaking.   


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    Alex Laursen commented

    phantoms should be possible to turn on off in server configs for those who enjoy less vanilla alike having a few players ignore beds kinda ruins it for all

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    Sharpshot94x commented

    MacchuPicchu96 Who made you the word police. Its childish of you to decide what words another adult is allowed to use. I HATE Phantoms because they break the game for me and I think they are a DUMB idea to add to the game. I do a lot of afk farming and have a server with many people on them and people die and lose hours of work. 

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    Jdlineman commented

    I'm trying to get xp to get silk touch and start farming Mobs. A few years ago, before I stopped playing as much, I would just go out at night when I need xp. When I do that though, I get attacked by phantoms. It's especially annoying when fighting creepers since I crit them, back up, then repeat. With Phantoms, they swoop in behind me and knock me into the creeper, causing it to explode. Its just super annoying to be trying to kill monsters, just to be attacked by 4 phantoms at once! Not to mention they aren't that easy to hit (at least for me they aren't easy to hit). To me, they're kinda like silverfish (except silverfish don't appear every time you go outside at night). They're just pests. There would have to be more than 3 just for them to pose a threat to a player with armor on.

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    Daniel Goedde commented

    I hate phantoms. I always go out and hunt pig or spiders or endermen and it’s so much harder because phantoms have a lot of health and attack. They are constantly attacking and they always kill me. My bed is in a cave so that’s not a problem but when I’m farming or gaining experience points, I can never get them because phantoms are in the way.

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    IronH3avenZ commented

    Phantoms. Are. Shit.


    I hate them. Strong words? well heckyes they deserve more

    They're a poor excuse for a mob

    They don't require any skill level or strategies, you just need to hit them when they come at you or shoot them down, whatever. The thing is, on servers it gets pretty hard, since there's this magical thing called lag that blesses these annoying critters, turning them into supersonic missiles at times

    It's quite annoying to have the same thing hitting you multiple times while it mocks you from the air, quickly coming down to punch you and then rushing back up before you're able to react to the latency

    The best thing you can do is trap them under a ceiling and slaughter them, as they're quite retarded and will just nose stall against the ceiling

    Sleeping to keep  them away is quite a ridiculously bad thought mechanic, these things are supposed to be needed to repair elytras, therefore, you will be actively searching for them, it's a total waste that you have to wait it out for them to show up instead of idk, being at certain spots, dungeons or biomes.

    Sleeping in a server is almost impossible, you have to convince everyone to do it at the same time

    To top it off they're not even needed as any player would instantly enchant their elytras with unbreaking 3 and mending, since elytras are nonsensically endgame, that's bad design at its finest


    Their noises are so annoying that I've built a house at bedrock level to not have to hear them screeching every 3 seconds for 10 minutes

    Kill them you say? well, on servers this is really time consuming, by the time you finish it's probably day and they'll be back in 10 minutes

    Trying to build a megastructure but nighttime is here? tough luck, these little shits will be there to annoy every cell of your body, as you struggle to dodge them, hit them or whatever to keep yourself from falling, probably to no avail


    In the server I play someone built a store with one of its main features being "phantom free!" as it's completely underground, one of the stores is unaccessible on nighttime since these annoying things will keep hitting you while you try to buy stuff

    I have not met a player that doesn't completely hate them, not my friends, not any of the players I've met on the server I play

    Delete these bastards already or at the very least redesign their spawning conditions and please lower the volume of their noises, they're wall-piercingly annoying

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    The solution is to make phantoms stop chasing the player if he right-clicks a bed, so they won't be an issue in multiplayer but tehy can still be avaliable for those who want to farm membranes...

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    WILK777 commented

    What: Remove Phantoms.

    Why: They are coded wrong. Spawn can overwhelm the player.

    How: Take out the code from all platforms.

    What follows is my original writing. After reading other comment? Yes. Hate is exactly the word that is needed here. A community voted for it and a programmer sat down and CREATED a mob that is annoying and takes the fun out of this game? Remove them. 

    Here is some feedback. Remove Phantoms. The game is about adventure and exploring, not running home every three days to sleep, or carrying a bed with me. And don't get me wrong, at first I dealt with them. But when 8 of them spawned (I know the cap is 6, they just kept spawning and coming at me once I destroyed one) and proceeded to kill me far from home. Now (luckily) I retrieved my stuff but lost 32 levels of experience because I was essentially Phantom spammed/zerged. Don't fix the spawn cap. Don't make them weaker (I was in full iron which still surprises me that they hit so hard). Remove them. They are the worst Mob ever created. and that's saying a lot considering how much I hate the Ghast. and I mean that across all games I have played. I was on the Xbox one for this "adventure". I will not return unless they are removed.

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    jonsmth commented

    They're annoying, but they aren't really any more annoying than any other mob.

    Phantoms after spawning will only attack players within the area they spawned at. So that means if you're on the move, you don't have to worry about phantoms at all, and neither does anyone else who wasn't close to your position. The classic mobs that you will encounter on the way are more of a threat really.

    They only really become a major nuisance when they spawn around your base, or over something you're currently building. Any other mobs would be just as annoying if they spawned at you while you're build filling the place with torches doesn't prevent them from spawning. I read that just lying down on a bed will prevent them from spawning for a while, but then it won't stop them from circling overhead if an insomniac player happened to pass by (I think at this point you could blame the insomniac).

    I don't think they break the game. They don't really need any major adjustments or outright removal. As of 1.13.2, they're actually very noisy, and will telegraph their synchronized dive attack.

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    Reading all the comments here, its clear this is a divided issue.

    I personally have no issue at all with the phantoms, although perhaps they could be tweaked so that lying in a bed for x amount of time (should be about the time it takes to get to sleep) is enough to prevent them spawning in, to help players on multiplayer worlds/servers. A lot of the issues people seem to have with the mob is that they are unwilling to adapt their play style to avoid the mobs. It is not hard to carry a bed around, as they are fairly cheap to make and easy to destroy and move on with. Equally having to sleep one night in every three doesn't seem like a meaningful issue at all. At the point in the game where players are trying to mob farm, most players are probably not troubled by the regular mobs, so adding in phantoms as an extra challenge is a good idea in my opinion. In fact, there are not enough flying mobs in the game, so phantoms are refreshingly unique and pose an interesting challenge to overworld players.

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    Phantoms are amazing.  Also, you seem to be forgetting about potions of slow falling.  You don't even need to skip the night to avoid them - just lie down in the bed, and get out of it.  Then break the bed, and get on with whatever you were doing.  In fact, I'm 75% sure that they did that just so that they wouldn't be a problem on servers.

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    I think they are amazing, the feeling/atmosphere is so cool.

    But I also think, they are a bit "hard-mode" and when being in a server-setup where it is hard to create wool (no sheep or spiders or shaft around), or when creating a customized world.

    Why not a special gold-helmet, and when wearing it, they could still spawn but are not anymore attacking?

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    no way. i like phantoms, plus if u dont like them just vote for the edling so u can scare them away

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    Personally, I think coolboy3241 is right.  I only play survival, and I like to explore for weeks at a time, which includes foraging and traveling at night.  Now I can't. I am stuck in one place, or have to "wait it out" at night which is very boring. I can't sleep in a bed whilst traveling, as it means I cannot ever get home as if I die, ill respawn where I last slept instead of my base.  In best case, even if I use beds, it means instead of traveling at night, I need to make a house, make sure no mobs are around, and then sleep.

    I would vote to remove phantoms all together (as they ruin the game for me at least), or do . one of the following at least:

    1. make them optional in some way
    2. make them killable without having to build roofs and trap them under
    3. make less of them (one or two occasionally, not dozens every night)
    4. Make it significantly longer before they start appearing (e.g. 10 days) so at least you can travel for 5 days and nights before having to turn back.

    I recently introduced my kids to minecraft, but phantoms mean they just cant go out at night as you cant defined yourselves from them, which means they are too scared to do anything unless its indoors or bright daylight.

    I am guessing they were put in to dissuade AFK click farmers, but the collateral damage is people who don't cheat and like exploring.  If it was put in to be more "realistic" about needing sleep, then they could have made the health suffer if you don't sleep (like not eating food does), rather than punish you if you go outside.

    To recap:

    1. they make exploring or going out at night impossible when away from your base and bed, which makes exploring in general very tedious.  Which is a shame as I was looking forward to trying to find some treasure ships.
    2. They are killers for beginners, especially if they havent got to the point where they can make beds yet.


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    The phantom is ridiculous. I had been exploring the nether for a while (no sleeping in beds there) and when I came back I noticed I was running low on string. So I go outside to try and find some spiders and get mobbed by phantoms. I kill three, and more spawn. I barely managed to make it back to my base alive. I was wearing iron armour and got completely annihilated; those things hit hard.

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    Your time in the nether would not have affected your phantom encounter as whilst you are in the nether, the overworld basically no longer exists. Also, ok you were kinda beaten up by the phantoms, bit that can be just as much a reflection on you as on the mob

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    With the amount of people who hate the mob, there should at least be a gamerule or a way to disable them. I usually don't sleep in Minecraft because my armour and weapons means that normal hostile mobs don't really pose any threat. The phantoms are so disruptive to me, swooping down, pushing me around and damaging my armour that it drive me insane. I don't even really want to play the game anymore at all. I've wasted half the durability on my bow fighting these abominations. In my opinion they should just disappear altogether.

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    PushedCoot46 commented

    I love phantoms!  It would be stupid to get rid of them.


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    Wozby commented

    Phantoms are super annoying.  The sound they make is LOUD, annoying and startling. They take FOREVER to kill because once you hit them they fly away.  At least you can actually kill other mobs fast.  And they also spawn over a well lit area, unlike every single other mob in the game.  Annoying.

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    I agree with the point of this post. The phantoms make it very difficult to do things at night such as hunting certain creatures that only come out at night. For instance, I recently was out searching for slimes. I couldn't concentrate let alone stay out from under cover.  I think there should be some kind of easy to make potion that would act as a phantom repellant. Bain of Phantom

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    Given how this is going, Im going to take the time to restate some points, as well as highlighting a few issues here.

    First of all, I want to deal with the comments themselves, and probably reiterate some of what MacchuPicchu96 said initially.
    1) Opinions, whilst valid, are not arguments. You cannot simply say phantoms should be removed because you don't like them. Equally, you cannot say they should stay just because you love them.
    2) a couple of people attacked MacchuPicchu96 because of his comment about the language used. Regardless of whether the words were 'too strong' or not, that does not affect the actual merits or issues with his arguments for why phantoms are not an issue, which those commenters neglected to address in their response.

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    Now, onto the actual debate.
    I personally have no issues with phantoms. However, my play style is very much centres around going out at day and returning to sleep at night. Thus I don't encounter phantoms.

    Nevertheless, I find that some of the issues with phantoms are trivial and more focussed on people's stubbornness. The first of these is that it limits the ability to construct massive structures. It would take at most 30 seconds to place a bed, sleep in it, then destroy it again and carry on building. And this only has to be done every third night. You don't lose any more time by sleeping; the ten minutes of night you 'skip' by sleeping has no effect on the real world. So I do not see that as an issue.

    With regards to exploring, ok taking beds does change your spawn, so you have to decide whether to take beds and risk spawning miles from your base, or not taking beds and risk being killed by phantoms. As this is not my play style, I am not the most qualified to judge, but it seems to me that the risk of death by phantoms is greater than the risk of dying by any other means and spawning miles away.

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    About the noise, if it is indeed an issue then it should be lowered, but there is probably a reason it is so loud. Again, never having encountered phantoms, I don't know.

    People complaining about the difficulties to XP farming, phantoms also drop XP. So just kill the phantoms instead. Or, if that is too difficult for you, sleep every third night. You don't lose XP by sleeping, and mobs will still spawn the next night. Equally, killing mobs is not the only activity that yields XP, though it is probably the most reliable method.

    I am not a server player so I will not address the issues concerning phantoms on servers.

    Before everyone who disagrees with me attacks me for my different opinion, I have done my best to clearly signpost what is fact and what is my opinion. If you wish to comment your disagreement, please focus on my arguments, as that is actually relevant to the debate and is constructive, rather than just giving me abuse for not thinking the same way as you. Apologies for the multiple part comment, but I had to circumnavigate the character limit.

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    Some Animal commented

    I personally enjoy the phantoms. And Minecraft generally doesn't remove features either. I must say that a game rule should be in order to disable and enable all mobs. So if one has issues with a certain mob, zombies, perhaps they want to make a village world, and don't want it wipedout  All the time, they  Oils disable zombies. I'm also sure that a lot of people hated creepers. So Removed? No. Toggle able mobs? Yes.

    This isn't fortnite XD

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    X6062 commented

    The real problem with phantoms is that it breaks survival. Not sleeping through the night is a lot harder than sleeping, yet phantoms punish you for not doing so. If anything the functionality should be inverted to where if you sleep too much the phantoms come for you, giving players a reason to not always just skip the night.

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    Paladin Aurum commented

    They should only appear in Hard Difficulty if you ask me. Putting up with them is so annoying when you’re trying to build stuff in a Vanilla Survival Online server, sleeping isn’t an option and staying indoors kinda defeats the point of Minecraft. Building.