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Dream Biome!

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    This would be a fun way to expand the Minecraft universe.  However, as another sort of dimension, "dreams" probably shouldn't be so easy to access every time the player goes to sleep.

    Maybe there could be a complicated potion or enchanted food the player would have to obtain/create to enter.  By eating/drinking the hallucinogen, the bed kind of acts like a portal to the dream dimension when the condition is met.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    No, it should happen every time you enter, no need for drugs or anything special, it's like you saying that you don't dream when you sleep and that is crazy. Maybe the special effects only do stuff when you're on Day 50 and above, or maybe you need to drink a special potion in the dream dimension would give you effects in the overworld.

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    But if we're turning dreams into a dimension, then the accessibility to this dimension would be a little too cheap.  To get to the Nether, you have to collect diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, to mine up obsidian to build the portal.  To get to the End you have to get the resources to make several Eyes of Ender, which you have to follow for miles to the nearest and only stronghold, then activate the portal with those Eyes of Ender.  Entering a dimension by sleeping on a bed is just too easy and doesn't follow the theme and rules of Minecraft.

    Also, to be more true to dreams, sleep, and the rules the game already follows, there has to be a time cycle to how long the player can stay in the dimension at maximum.  It could be the same length as the night length in the game.  The player could still wake himself up in the middle of the night or dawn.

    But to be able to enter a whole other dimension and avoid the nocturnal monsters of the overworld, just by lying in bed without a hallucinogen of some kind...sorry, no.  That does not follow Minecraft.  If the game needs the realism that we dream every time we sleep, then you could ask that they add little minecraft character animations in place of the fading to black that happens before you wake up.

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    Maybe you access it by hitting a “sleep in” button on the be while sleeping. Maybe if your dream becomes a nightmare you will hallucinate when waking up

    but what if you sleep in the dream dimension and dream you’re dreaming? And there you build a bed, again, and again, and again, and when you wake up you have enough ore for an hour of night vision.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    WolveReigner781, no one ever said that an easy dimension was against minecraft, the dream biome should be accessible every time you sleep, I think maybe you need to place an enchantment table near your bed or on enchanted blocks maybe to get special effects. But the dream dimension should be a dimension that is like the overworld! You would be able to say that you could access 2 easy dimensions, the dream dimension is basically a second overworld with new mobs and new items for only that dimension.

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    PugGamer987 commented

    This was going to be added but i think mojang didnt want to or didnt have enought room to/ time

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    Dan Burge commented

    getting to the dream dimension should be a random event thats moderately rare, with an equal chance of it being a nightmare or a good dream

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    ztirffritz commented

    That should be in settings so that you can turn it on and off

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    Elcrack207 commented

    Good idea, I mean.... seriously minecraft have the nether and the end and obviusly the overworld, but when you sleep anything happens, I would like to can dream in minecraft, but an good to add to your post, I don't even know if mojang can program but that the dreams would be random or that it would be based in things you have done in your dialy journey. I also like the idea about the nightmare effect, but a minute is insufficient, maybe 1:30 or 2:00 minutes will be better. The best update than can still have (in my opinion).

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    You would need to do something before going in there, instead of going in there every time you sleep. This would also get anoying if you are just trying to sleep through the night.


    Maybe theres a super rare chance that when you sleep, it will give a potion (dream potion?) that gives you the effect for some time. So if you have the effect when you go to bed, you wake up in the dream dimension. And when the potion runs out it blinks and teleports you back.


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    Leeli Igiby commented

    It's kind of a cool idea but sometimes you just it to be day, so even though you can just jump three times to wake up, it should be a setting or maybe you have to make a special dream bed or something.

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    Maybe just have it be an extremely rare occurrence. The dream realm would have many rare resources all around and you get like 30-60 seconds to collect as much as you can. The bed might become a temporary storage for these resources that disappear from it the next time you sleep, so that you're required to take them out of it.

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    Adam Pawson commented

    This could be a cool idea, and it actually could work, if sleeping in a bed didn't change the time at all but just gave you the rest of the night in the dimension. This seems a little overpowered for only having to sleep in a bed; a charm, potion, or enchantment would make it more realistic- like maybe you have to hang a dreamcatcher from the ceiling by the bed, made of some string and sticks? Of course, magically enchanted ;)

    I definitely like the part of how sleeping multiple times in a row keeps the dream, and not sleeping will deteriorate it and spawn more enemies- paired up with the phantoms, this really makes you want to go to bed!

    Instead of collecting materials, though, what if you had a certain (randomized) objective, or multiple, in each dream? You have, lets say, three objectives, and completing one gives you a new one. Based on the number you complete, you get more rolls for effects. (Rolls being tries, like if certain potion effects had a 20% chance of occurring, rolling twice would check for that 20% two times).

    I've always wanted an update like this, it'd be really fun :)

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    I think it should be a special bed that has to be crafted, so there is no time limit and you get actual rescources


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    Grey Wolf74 commented

    I like this idea, I feel the dream monsters should be dream variants of the normal ones, just a little weaker. There could also be other kinds of creatures, such as the unicorn, which has 25hp and is docile. If attacked, this mob will turn around and kick you, doing 2 damage points. When killed, it will drop 1-3 unicorn hide, which can be crafted into hide tools, weapons, and armor. They are as strong as wood and leather, except give speed buffs (armor), sweeping edge/multishot effects (weapons) and fortune+silk touch effects (tools). This mob would replace the dream horse. There could also be the giant, which has 50hp (small), 75hp (regular), or 100hp (large). It is aggressive unless you drop a valuable item in front of it, such as dream iron or dream diamond, and it will remember you. It does 15dm (small), 20dm (regular), or 25dm (large). When killed, it will drop giant essence, which can be combined with armor to give you a strength 4 buff when worn. You could add other mythical creatures to this too! I think if the dream was good enough, there is a chance some of those items in your inventory in the dream would appear in the real game! This would make the dream useful in a way.

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    Ijacs1 commented

    i think it should be more of a multiplayer feature, like when you sleep but someone else doesn't.

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    avari six commented

    I like the mechanism of entering a new dimension via sleep, so I support this idea!

    I see many other ideas for entering dimensions involve creating some kind of portal, like the nether portal, but with different blocks, and with different activation mechanisms, but it still is just a portal.

    I think this is unique enough to occupy the next slot in dimension access in Minecraft.

    My take is this:

    You shouldn't go to this dimension every time you sleep, but even when you sleep normally, you see a zooming stars effect, like that old starfield Windows screensaver, or the Star Wars "lightspeed" effect, except, of course, they would be the square Minecraft stars instead :). The animation will come to an end when you reach the star at the end of the field (i.e. the Minecraft sun), and then you will wake up.

    When you sleep with preparation (potion effect X, or carrying X item in your hotbar, wearing X, etc), the zooming effect will begin as normal, but partway through you will veer off to an unremarkable star to the side and arrive there instead. When you wake up, you are in the new dimension.

    Multiplayer functionality: If a player has prepared (potion effect, item, block X), and they go to sleep on a multi-player server, instead of waiting for other players to sleep, they should just start the sleep animation, and go to the other world since the time of day does not need to change. if they have not "prepared", they will have to wait for other players. Once everyone is in bed (without "preparation"), they will all get the sleep animation, and then wake up as normal in the morning.

    I think this dimension should be real, and not part of the player's imagination or dreams (living IRL is the dream in Minecraft!), so the dimension this could lead to could be any of the great ideas posted in this section!

    Some examples that this entrace would suit:


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    O Jee Bees 64 commented

    The illusioner (the illiger that doesn't have a use) should drop an item that lets you go to the dream world

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    PugsRule10 commented

    It would be really great if this would happen and it’s a great idea, maybe instead of every time you sleep, you can either collect some new item or make a dream potion. You drink one to enter and one to leave. Great idea and please consider it

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    Maybe you could build a portal out of the materials used to make a bed. That way you could stay for however long you wished, because the bad part of a dream is that it is over so quickly. Does that satisfy everyone?

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    cheesy catman commented

    "Okay mom Ima go to sleep"

    "Okay sonny."

    -wakes in dream land-

    -mines loads of diamonds-

    -wakes up with nothing.-

    "I ain't ever goin to sleep momma."

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    A2M 423 commented

    This possible feature is fine but I think the acces to the dream dimension should be random, like 1/4 of the times you go to sleep. This is because (I think) the mayority of times everyone goes to sleep is simply to skip night. And, if we are getting some realism, people have problems recollecting the dreams. This idea supports the randomness of the access. That way, the feature would be more interesting and sought after for the "effects" it would cause over gameplay.

    Also there must be a way to avoid "getting dreams", because some people might not want to forcefully "have dreams" for some reason (like the generation of additional, unintentional data, to their device's internal memory). This could be implemented with a lockable option per world (for mapmaking and servers), like difficulty, nowadays.

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    Martin Villa commented

    Voted but a little too overpowered, good idea though, also you should be able to have a setting or a special way to have just a bed is too easy or maybe you just want to skip the night, so maybe a special way to get there? 

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    maybe you could choose not to dream.

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    sorrybaeix commented

    I think you should have 30 seconds of the nightmare effect, and if you wanted to go back out of the dream into the real world, you just go back to bed. Other than that, pretty good idea!

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    HansiPooh commented

    Yes! I was thinking this exactly! There should be a 1 in 5 chance or something where you’ve to the night mare world with monsters called Nightmares and they can kill you in the Dream world. There could be pajamas made out of wool so when you go to the dream world you have “armor” which protects you from the Nightmares. There should also be special materials that are only really accessible in the dream world so the players are motivated to go there.

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    I would think this should be classified as a dimension instead of a biome, being the entier 3 directions you can travel in this minecraft space would presumably be just this biome and cut off from the rest of the overworld, as you probably can't just hit f3 mark down the cords and tp back when you wake up.


    Edit Of course i didn't read the comments and everyone was already doing that..

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    sam HILYARD commented

    this would be cool but have it where there is around a 25% chance you would go there. I'm in!!!

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    Melissa K. commented

    Cool idea but you don't have dreams every night do you?


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    Martin Villa commented

    Mellisa K, in real like you do dream every night just that you don't remember the dreams when you wake up. In-game maybe you could use a command to turn on-off the probability from 0-100 that you dream.