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Please read the pinned post on creating biomes and dimensions. Remember portals are structures.


The Autrom Dimension (a Golem Dimension and some opening tips)


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    As a rule, I'm generally not fond of ideas for entire new dimensions because they change the game so dramatically that I'd just rather leave that kind of thing to Mojang entirely. Unfortunately, this is no exception.

    However, I wanted to comment because I am very impressed by the amount of information given here. Honestly, this is a bare minimum of detail required when proposing a new dimension: addressing access to the dimension, terrain generation, new mobs, new blocks, new structures, new items, new behaviors, overall purpose, etc. Immense respect to you for proposing a new dimension correctly and thoroughly.

    The next time I see someone carelessly ask for an entirely new dimension in fewer characters than is allowed for a tweet, I'm going to link them this post and essentially tell them to get good.

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    @MacchuPicchu I am a little more curious as to what other people picture their dimensions looking like and having in other details as you've described.  And yes, if Mojang had another dimension idea, it would likely be better than anything on here.  Anything I think should be a middle grounds between the Nether and the End or a kind of "side-quest" dimension.