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The Spirit World


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    Caleb Rosa commented

    A little to hard to get to for little to no rewards. I suggest that you have the Vampires drop the spirit weed, instead of designing a whole new structure, also you should find ways to make the Spirit World more useful/interesting.

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    Martin Villa commented

    Yes it should be loot in the spirit world. The vampires should be in a structure in the overworld not in the neather. The thing that you propuse to see them to the floor makes no sense.

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    Elcrack207 commented

    It is a good idea but, something you can add is that only you spirit enter and body would be in the overworld sleeping (or how it says) in the floor, that your spirit don't change your real aspect (skin) and that your real body cannot be hitable and that the spirit be neutral, and an extra, that when you come, your body stay like one minute a little bit gray and too that you when wake up you can stay sitten on the floor for 5 second and have slowness for 30 seconds and you can't use the chat after 30 seconds after comming from that dimension.

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    That sounds amazing!!


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    Qualpos commented

    The nether is hell