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New moon event

under review


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    NtruderLegend commented

    And the creation of temporary portals that can bring mobs from other dimensions

    and make it so the shulker can hit you through these portals for the giggles 

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    HiIAmGOLDEN commented

    I like the idea of the phantom attacking at any cost in a full moon. It adds more of a challenge.

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    Captain Kcaz commented

    It makes tons of senses too, a new moon is a black moon which means it should be darker, which of course means more mobs.

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    VampireMamaG commented

    Still getting the hang of it! 😂

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    There should be A Blood Moon Event, But I agree!


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    I say yes but i would have it as a full moon because they're more SPOOKAY!!!

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    R Sangster commented

    A lot of people don't know this, but during a full moon mobs spawn in greater numbers, and better equipped.

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    Dinorauria commented

    Okay but I feel that if you make it the New moon specifically then it would just get annoying.

    How about a special Eclipse event that could just rarely happen after a certain number of days?

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    Balen Kayl commented

    The new moon idea is better than the full moon because there is less light

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    And they can have mods open doors


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    Zackeroni9 commented

    I like this idea, it sounds great on paper, but it needs more depth. Every new moon sounds like a bit much, every one in eight days would get annoying. Maybe it could happen for a blood moon, eclipse, or something else could trigger this, maybe every thirty-second day. Second, wouldn't you just be able to sleep through this? It could be easily skipped just by sleeping, but maybe it would be a loss to do so, or you just can't because, 'you're more prone to getting a nightmare' and can't sleep. Maybe mobs could drop better or more loot, like zombies having a 10% chance of dropping gold. Or villagers could have special trades during that event, and maybe if it were an eclipse, the villagers would have some cool shades.

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    disboi12 commented

    The mob spawn rate was cool but phantoms are strong, I dont want this affecting peoples enjoyment of the game and their time being spent...

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    KingDersk commented

    Awsome!! never thought of that!

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    Yes, I too feel like Phantoms should be encountered more often. Nice!

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    Chip Potato commented

    That'd be a cool thing for Hardcore mode!

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    yarncatss commented

    This isn't something I'd be excited for. Phantoms are already extremely hard to deal with in multiplayer, and I wouldn't want to see them increase in occurrence. Further on the note of multiplayer, given how rarely people sleep through the night, having a night where you'd be forced to stay indoors would be a major source of dead-time that could be spent furthering building projects. I can't imagine how difficult this would be to deal with in the early game.

    I think this would be a very difficult thing to balance, especially given the current monster spawnrate. I already find it irritating to fend off zombies while I'm working on projects, so adding to that frustration wouldn't be welcome.

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    Abdullah Ali commented

    yeah it will make surving the night much realistic.


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    TallarinRojo commented

    But, in low specs there's no moon at all...

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    Very unique idea, but Minecraft would need better Moon cycles. Multiply by 5 would be a lot, I feel this would be a kinda hard thing to add.

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    I have to agree with another user from above. This is nice on paper, but lets think of what would actually happen. 

    Mobs spawning at an increased rate and in larger groups is, to my knowledge a thing already depending on the moon cycle. Just not a major difference. Anyway, I see this more being an issue in Multiplayer than I do Singleplayer. Like another user said, with the night being so dangerous and without insensitive to fight the mobs, this would become an annoyance to builders or adventurers who are otherwise now forced to stay inside if they can't handle the mess. 

    If this is added, I would make it either a unique approach to Hardcore mode and cut it there. Just because of how difficult this is to avoid in Multiplayer. UNLESS, there is a command to disable the event that only Server Admins can use. Then it can go right into the main game. 

    I digress. 

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    SUPERSHADOW21 commented

    This idea remind me of terraria in a way.

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    Knasbarn22 commented

    Yeah, I think New moon and Full moon should have more of a niche. Would also be nice if we had a rare blood moon as well. I mean, nothing huge that makes the game literally unplayable if you do not wanna take a part in these events, but smaller things such as higher spawn rate, slightly faster draining rate of hunger, maybe some "blood moon/newmoon / full moon" debuff when you're attacked by a mob etc.

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    MrPoulik commented

    there is something like this in game but it only affects endermen and slimes
    they have different spawning rates on different moon phases

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    yifo123 commented

    T e r r a r i a ?

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    this is true we need stronger mobs

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    Icertwo commented

    during this night you shouldn't be able to sleep, it would cause there to be an added challenge you can't get rid of.

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    Chris X commented

    Uh, is that suppose to be 1.5 and "attack", I just need clarification please. Nice post, it would add a new layer of difficult that is lacking in the game right now.

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    Cqllel commented

    In Terraria, it's called "Blood Moon". Mob spawn rate, stats, etc, increased. It'd be cool to have something like that. 

    If it actually does become a thing, it'd be nice to know when it happens. Like a mob effects that decreases attack damage or whatever. I mean, I'd like to know if there was one so I don't accidentally skip it by sleeping

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    shinoba95 commented

    This is a fantastic idea!

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    JTBlyat2568 commented

    hmm, I like the idea but I'd like to change it from a full moon to a blood/red moon. This could be not within the cycle of moon phases but would occur a little less regularly and randomly. When it is there, it would be a little bigger/closer to the land and the sky would turn a dark red (hex code: #800505).