We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    Thegreatmanda commented

    I was about to post this as a new idea myself - here is my own take on it:

    • Regular redstone lamp could be combined with dye and/or stained glass to make that color of redstone lamp
    • Opens up a wide variety of new lighting options, which is sorely lacking in the base game
    • Keeps redstone lamp functionality, so it would open up a lot of possibilities for blinking or daylight-sensor-triggered Christmas lights, working traffic lights, and so much more
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    Vechrozilator commented

    If black redstone lamp emit lights it should be black too. There's no black light. So dark colored redstone lamp is excluded.

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    AwesomeBuilds45 commented

    Love It!

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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    black redstone lamp could add darkness. 

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    Johannes Schöneberger commented

    This is a simple but great idea, this definitly missing from the game beacuse many other things can be colored.

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    Zeffi Toto commented

    Something I didn't understand about the argument that this would take a rewrite of the lighting engine is that the color of light being used (orange for light sources, white for sunlight, and blue for moonlight?) pulls from some shader thing similar to how biome colors work. Couldn't they just change the shader so it included colors for new light sources to pull from?

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    Ahmad543210 commented

    Nicely done

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    fefefeTV commented

    I like this Idea, too :)

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    MCPEGaming103 commented

    Co0l! aMazIng!!i wh0a!

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    Daniel Headley commented

    Make Black Lamps uncraftable, as they can't exist.  The ordinary lamp should be orange, while torches, jack'o'lanterns, glowstone, sunlight, etc. are yellow.  Sea lanterns and moonlight should be white.  Lava, magma, and Nether Lighting should be red, while Ender Lighting is green.  Make sure the colors mix properly.  Red, Green, and Blue are primary, Red + Green = Yellow, Red + Blue = Magenta, Blue + Green = Cyan, etc.

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    Erebus Pruett_sahd commented

    The chances of this happening are pretty slim but the amount of people who want it (including me) is unbelievable

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    Master Of Gaming 020 commented

    maybe DYE able redstone lamps

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