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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Placeable Gunpowder

under review


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    realistically, you could connect a red stone power source to it and it would explode. Because it is dust, it should as teariercow94205 said: catch on fire. 

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    Apparently you can also use wool! (The more you know.)

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    It would be also a really good block for decorating: imagine that dust-type thing in abandoned buildings or stuff like that, that would be great!

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    urbeatle commented

    Honestly, I'd like to see all the "dust" items be placeable like redstone: gunpowder, sugar, and glowstone.

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    Artenguy commented

    The use of Gunpowder in this way just makes sense. If it is placed just like redstone and turns into fire when ignited, it adds so much more to the demolition mining experience. I was surprised when I first tried to place Gunpowder and could not.

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    Gunpowder being able to be placed is an excellent idea. This would reduce possibility of injuring yourself whilst igniting TNT. This feature shouldn't have to be a consideration rather a feature from the beginning.

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    Simple concept and great idea!

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    Erik Vallgren commented

    Maybe if connecting the gunpower to a TNT and fusing it, the TNT

    would explode directly when the sparkels reach it, instead of charging for some time before it explodes as it does with any current method to activate the TNT


    Edit: This would introduce some new useful mechanics to vanilla 

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    Never Ever commented

    I hope Mojang will make this a feature

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    PetohneMatt commented

    Addition: You could make it, so it's just 1 time and then vanishes.

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    Lisa Griffin commented

    it could be used as a fuse


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    Joshua Cavell commented

    and glowstone?

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    machandler commented

    This should've been done A LOOONNNGG time ago!

    Amazing idea!

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    Torydoesstuff commented

    or maybe even make this a feature for string

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    Blast Burner commented

    I don't understand why I didn't vote for this already. Well I did it now. :)

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    ZETHAN99 commented

    Yeah! It could probably instantly detonate TNT on the end of it!

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    Calev Berger commented

    Maybe you light it on fire, then it starts to slowly break, making its way to a TNT block, igniting it.

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    Tiny little explosions, imagine laying this in a 1x1 hole and blowing it all up with a single flick (small explosion radius) that would be perfecto for mining!

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    PushedCoot46 commented

    And also placeable glow stone dust, it would glow

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    James Douglas commented

    Yes this is an awesome idea! Make glowstone and sugar placable as well. I don't know what sugar would do, but glowstone is obviously glowing.

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    So people are talking about placeable glowstone dust and sugar. Glowstone would glow, sugar could maybe lead docile animals (pigs, chickens, etc.) along the trail of sugar into a trap.

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    Burning off When signal spreads

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    WreckingMech commented

    Whith this you can make long range tnt xplo

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    Why not use it to ignite TNT? It is similar to Redstone, but it has a delay and will be burned.

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    Brenda Catt commented

    I think the following content should be added:

    • Gunpowder:

    - With a lighting effect with you light it with flint and steel to show powered up

    - When lighted up it will be harmful to mobs like magma or until it burns up after a certain number of ticks

    - Ignites TNT and possible blows up gravel do to flint in it

    - Should be used to power blast furnace, if used in smoker and furnace may blow up

    - Similar to Redstone in placebility until vertical is possible

    - Can be found in gravel like flint

    - Cam be found in gunpowder vein, if you mine without shovel with explode or something to that effect

    - Can be found with weaponsmith

    • Glowdust:

    - Has a small illumination effect

    - Hopefully both vertical and horizontal in placement

    - Used to craft nether specific lightning source like glowstone torch or glowstone lamp

    - Used in potion of Glowing or Spectral Arrow

    • Sugar:
    - Can eat

    - Acts like path for certain animals like cow or chicken, or some sort of insect

    - Can give you nausea from eating to much

    - Gives you 1/2 bar of food from eating

    - Can be traded for with baker 



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    Imagine putting a certain amount of gunpowder in a barrel and setting it on fire would cause a similar explosion to tnt.

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    Bartham commented

    i cannot express how much i love this idea. this would be such a cool addition, as we already have string and redstone has a placable item, more "trail-ables" would be so cool, and the idea that they're rapidly flammable? fire particles would go down the trail, one block per 2 ticks or so, i'm not sure, perhaps a gamerule for gunpowder speed even. the possibilites are also endlessly entertaining, even though you could substitute this with "redstone line with dispenser and fire charge at end" it could be a fun mechanic!

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    Hamish Knadle commented

    I love this Idea, I imagine the gunpowder sparking/fizzing/smoking on it's way to a cluster of TNT. Gunpowder barrels would be a neat addition

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    James Douglas commented

    Related (Gunpowder barrel): https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048188372-Add-new-block-Gunpowder-Barrel