Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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    WindingTheRopes commented

    realistically, you could connect a red stone power source to it and it would explode. Because it is dust, it should as teariercow94205 said: catch on fire. 

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Apparently you can also use wool! (The more you know.)

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    Giulio Cusenza commented

    It would be also a really good block for decorating: imagine that dust-type thing in abandoned buildings or stuff like that, that would be great!

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    urbeatle commented

    Honestly, I'd like to see all the "dust" items be placeable like redstone: gunpowder, sugar, and glowstone.

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    Artenguy commented

    The use of Gunpowder in this way just makes sense. If it is placed just like redstone and turns into fire when ignited, it adds so much more to the demolition mining experience. I was surprised when I first tried to place Gunpowder and could not.

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    Gunpowder being able to be placed is an excellent idea. This would reduce possibility of injuring yourself whilst igniting TNT. This feature shouldn't have to be a consideration rather a feature from the beginning.

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    ScaryMango28950 commented

    Simple concept and great idea!

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    Erik Vallgren commented

    Maybe if connecting the gunpower to a TNT and fusing it, the TNT

    would explode directly when the sparkels reach it, instead of charging for some time before it explodes as it does with any current method to activate the TNT


    Edit: This would introduce some new useful mechanics to vanilla 

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    Never Ever commented

    I hope Mojang will make this a feature

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    PetohneMatt commented

    Addition: You could make it, so it's just 1 time and then vanishes.

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    Lisa Griffin commented

    it could be used as a fuse


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