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Lumber enchantment

under review


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  • Official comment

    We have a similar thread going here for mining:


    Perhaps combine forces for an enchantment that works on a variety of tools?

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    EliteHasnain commented

    Similar system in Terraria. I'd love it.


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    HiIAmGOLDEN commented

    I love it. If this is implemented, there's no more need for mods. Because it would be optional and would not kill the individuality of the game!

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    This is a really cool idea, but might be a bit overpowered as is. I think if the time to cut the log also increased slightly in a way that scales based on the amount of wood that would fall from breaking the block this could be pretty balanced, though. Increasing the amount of time would also give a grace period for the potential log pillar in the house that was mentioned.

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    Mc Rat commented

    Great idea, however!:

    To make it more balanced, it should drain as much durability as the amount of mined log blocks is.

    And to make it less frustrating to use, and nerf it for griefing, it should only chop wood blocks above, but not to the sides.

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    F150mc1000 commented

    Might be better known as "Timber", because a lot of people know that when someone yells timber that a tree is gonna fall. This, however, removes the logs and the leaves decay as normal.

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    COB4YN commented

    Maybe make it so it take 2 or 3 durability points, but it does the function stated in the original post.

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    I'm reading the comments and I agree that it should definitely use ore than one durability point but the thing is if it uses a point for each log chopped then there is the possibility of breaking your axe if it's low on durability.

    The solution to this, I think, is that this enchantment should have 3 levels. 

    • Level 1: Uses three durability points. Relatively common as enchanted books go.
    • Level 2: Uses two durability points and is a bit rarer.
    • Level 3: Uses one durability point but is exceedingly rare.

    Tell me what you think, I'm always looking for feedback!

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    TrulyTails commented

    Would be a good balance if the durability takes what was fallen.

    Chopped a tree of 7 blocks high, takes 7 durability if mined at the base.

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    Loris099 commented

    I agree.
    We need more enchantments for specific tools, just like fortune with pickaxe

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    yarncatss commented

    This is way too powerful for multiplayer. The potential to grief log houses would be too high.

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    @yarncatss Maybe it only cuts naturally generated logs, or logs that come from a sapling? Not player placed logs

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    cheesy catman commented

    I like how you think! I also think this is NOT overpowered because it's an enchantment. enchantments are hard to get. totally with you!

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    cheesy catman commented

    this enchantment should also get rid of the floating leaves because I recall Minecraft's loading tips saying "DONT LEAVE TREES FLOATING!"

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    Prixstar321 commented

    And maybe if you don't want a constant all logs fall, then you could have different levels with higher chances to break all logs

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    Chakraudio commented

    Rather than an enchantment on an axe, what if chopping the bottom block of a tree made the tree fall? This would only work for trees and not logs. It would be best if the tree fell away from the player so as not to cause damage from chopping wood. For trees with a base wider than 1 block, the tree should fall after the last base block is chopped. Only half of the treetop should be left after the tree falls so the tree can lay horizontally against the ground. This would make clearing the top of the tree possible without building scaffolding or setting a block staircase next to the tree to get to the top of it. You would still need to chop the rest of the wood blocks with the axe and clear the treetop if so desired. This would keep the game balanced but make chopping down a tree more reasonable and not leave tree tops floating in the sky.

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    @Chakraudio I’m sorry but I don’t understand, what’s the point of this? My suggestion was a quicker way to chop trees, not a way to topple them.

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    Dylan Jones commented

    The enchantment could be limited to logs grown from trees by giving grown logs an NBT tag.

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    Sunsprint commented

    I'm all for this idea, but it should also be balanced. Perhaps a good drawback here would be to use up a lot of an axe's durability (1.5x normal?), so that you have to either have an unbreaking enchantment to negate the hefty use the lumber enchantment puts onto the tool, or you have to have mending to repair it afterwards. 

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    Maybe make it so that it works on smaller trees, rather than each tree's larger variant (not dark oak trees since it is larger). That means the game would have to recognize both that it is a tree, and that it is a smaller one.

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    Nice Idea

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    EddyG6686 commented

    they should just add a ''falling blocks'' option for servers/savegames.

    i want trees to fall down so bad!

    but other blocks falling down, when not supported, too, would be great!

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    ZACHKUREE commented

    I would like a "Lumber" enchantment, but not in the way that you described. Maybe Lumber could work in the way that Fortune works for picks, where more logs could be dropped for each log broken. I think that a Lumber enchantment like you described could be abused in terms of griefing, and would be a bit too overpowered. (2x2 jungle trees and dark oak trees would be way too easy to use to get mass amounts of wood.)

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    Edit: just saw you address the problem and come up with the same solution

    This would be awesome.

    But as you say, this could also be used to accidentally destroy big areas of your own creations,

    To fix this, it could be so that naturally spawned trees and wood spawned by saplings were destroyed by this enchantment .

    But wood placed by a player would not be destroyed. 

    (Similar to how leaves decay if they are naturally spawned but stay if a player placed them, although this is about a enchantment and not decay) 

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    dklebedev commented

    Just drop down the whole tree without any enchantment.

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    Adding an animation of falling trees is also good (if there are creatures below it will be hurt). But I think this is not very important.

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    Great and simple way to tackle an annoying problem

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    A great idea that would make it better and easier to collect wood and we don't have to waist hours just for wood

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    I just want the ability to knock a tree over rather than climbing fifty feet to get all the logs.

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    DemnKnightOG commented

    Also having it clear leaves instant like fast leaf decay