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Lumber enchantment

under review


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    MrD1085277 commented
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    Enchant Timber, 3 levels:
    1. Only a tree is cut down.
    2. Cut down a tree with leaves.
    3. Items immediately go to your inventory.
    One block of a tree is one ax strength point.
    Works only on grown trees, not on erected blocks.

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    i like this but i think it should be a treasure enchantment.

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    FleyDragon commented
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    Something like this should have been in the game ages ago. It's ridiculous that they haven't done anything about it.

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    LoyalSwan commented
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    Maybe and advancement to go with it: "Timber!" This is in the Husbandry tab and its parent is Husbandry. It is obtained by fully chopping down a tree with this enchant. 

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    I personally would love this but i feel like it would have to be very rare or very high level. This enchant would make chopping wood like 5x faster so if done incorrectly it has potential to be extremely over powered