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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Concrete and Terracotta having Slab, Stair, and Wall Variants

under review


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    Adam Schultz commented

    concrete bricks would also be cool

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    I like this idea too!

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    DALLTON4DAYZ commented

    I agree, this will benefit builds in so many ways. However, I have an addition.......dramatic pause......... CARPET STAIRS.

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    fozzy2k15 commented

    I really love this idea, to be able to choose what colour stairs to have in my concrete builds and it all fit together would be nice

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    ThePizzaMill commented


    I was thinking along a similar line of thought, and rather than carpet stairs being a separate object, we could get a new behavior for carpet to attach to the block underneath of it like partially on top of slabs and stairs, like this: 


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    mreous333 commented

    I requested these right after the release of concrete, but the reply was that there were block limits. Yet, we had new slabs and stairs released anyway. Would still love to see concrete slabs, stairs, and wall additions. Terra-cotta versions would be cool, although I feel that concrete is more popular, especially with modern architecture builds.

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    Ethan56889 commented


    That is a really good idea, you should submit that (separately, too different to stay here only)

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    HotStunna80 commented

    Concrete stairs, slabs and walls would be an awesome addition to the game and I’m surprised it hasn’t been added yet with the game being 10 years old now. Hopefully Mojang considers this with the next major update. Minecraft really should have these types of blocks! It’s quite sad it doesn’t!

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    NitrousBear13 commented

    Good idea, slabs and stairs are pretty limited material wise. At least more than I would like


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    Mojang could do this, since concrete, and terracotta especially are stone like blocks. Keep in mind, Mojang only wants to make wood/stone based slabs and stairs.

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    halobot3 commented

    It’s actually brilliant, idk why they didn’t add it into the game earlier.

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    theAtmosster commented

    This is a great idea, the stairs / colorful slabs will provide more variety for builders like me. I'd like these additions to be happens in 1.15 or sooner.

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    PYCapache commented

    Since we have stonecutter which basically allow to craft slabs and stairs of any stone-like item, so why not give this ability to concrete and terracotta?

    That would be nice, you can make more colorful things.

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    King Kiashi commented

    I love concrete. It's one of my favorite blocks. I enjoy using them to make really  bright, colorful roofs that pop out against more neutral wall color schemes. However, I usually have to have a pretty big building for this, because I have to use whole blocks. Currently, we don't have any stair options that are nearly as colorful as concrete. I think concrete stairs would add a lot of variety to builds and let people make better awesome colorful roofs. 

    Another thing concrete is extremely good for is statues. I love using almost entirely concrete blocks to make statues, it gives it a nice, smooth, colorful look. Now, imagine what kind of statues you could make with concrete stairs and slabs! You'd be able to introduce more detailed shape on a smaller scale, allowing more variety in what people can create.

    Overall, I think adding concrete slabs and stairs would open up a whole new world for builders, so I think they'd be a wonderful addition the game. Out of any block in the game, I'd want those to be the ones receiving slab/stair variants.

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    titani2 commented

    please  we need more block in minecraft to build with


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    XD GAMER MZ commented

    رابط قناة

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    Ethan56889 commented

    رابط قناة translates to “Channel link”

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    yeet4129 commented

    this addition would be quite nice, cuz I have been using quartz slabs and stairs as a substitute but they have a different texture. Also people who haven't been to the nether yet can recreate their concrete house without finding diamonds first. 

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    Jack Kelly commented

    I would really like to see them use the terracotta to achieve this. They could easily add it to be accessed via the stone cutter and then we could have multiple patterns.