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Mod library / workshop

under review


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    It would be better to give reasons why

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    Blast Burner commented

    I love libraries lol! I'm in.

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    machandler commented

    A mod manager for what? A nonexistent API or a not supported one? Or maybe data packs, but then it would not support multiplayer.

    If you ask me, mojang should just implement forge (or something similar) and stop worrying about villagers. People could make their own changes If a modding framework was put into minecraft.

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    I made a post similar to this but included parts about why external software is just time consuming and why a steam workshop kind of tab of the launcher would be easier and faster. Just waiting for it's approval.

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    avari six commented

    I think this suggestion is dependent upon this other suggestion:

    So if this is under review, shouldn't that other one should be put under review as well?

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    This could be an official api that works way better than the addons system on bedrock so you wont need to go hunting for them just like how bethesda let console players use mods on fallout and skyrim

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    Vasiliy No commented

    I hoped that added appeled add mods rest community will be happy 😂👌🧀

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    I think that there starting experiment with this.