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[Modding API] Extensive modding support into the existing data pack framework


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    machandler commented
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    It would be almost worthless unless it downloaded required files on connect so I wouldn't have to get external mod files. Otherwise it would be the current state of forge.

    This seems to be the answer to most of anything in this feedback forum. If we had a modding API we wouldn't need to post things here.

    It makes me frustrated that this only has 3 votes.

    Edit: 4 votes.

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    It is (compared to many other posts) quite a new post, so I'm sure that it'll have more votes in due time (if people want this ofc).

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    avari six commented
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    Yes, it is also a problem to me that forge must show ads and try to download through an adfocus link, when a large portion of the Minecraft community is dependent upon it. Minecraft should at least fund it, if they don't provide their own modding API.

    The approach I would prefer is if they made their own modding API, and shipped it with the game. They could include mods in the marketplace, and you could select them in the profile creator in the launcher. Existing mods could be placed on the marketplace for free, and people could make mods and sell them for money on the marketplace.

    These are a lot of features to ask for, but the first big step is an official modding API.

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    Hilmy091 commented
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    This is the thing I want most. Minecraft is an open world game that has a lot of potential. Most of the things people ask for will probably never be in the game, which is why I think official mod support is important.

    Also fabric has its own API, so Mojang should collaborate with them too.