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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Naturally generated structures need redesign

under review


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    Astronut7 commented

    Nope. I have dirt buildings from before Beta 1.8, and I like my dirt buildings from the Beta/Alpha/Survival Test days. How dare you criticize the admirable aesthetic of the nefarious Nether Fortress, and the villainous villages, and the solemn strongholds? They are perfect! Perfect, I say! Not just because my dirt mansion, and cobblestone caves look like masterpieces of design in comparison, but because of that, too!

    Okay, enough of my bad jokes. Time to get serious. Nether Fortresses, Villages, End Cities, Woodland Mansions, Witch Huts, Desert/Jungle Temples, Igloos, Strongholds, Mineshafts, Wells, Dungeons, and even things like Trees all share a very similar design. They are all small, boxy, and generally speaking...blocky.These are not suppose to impress you with their design, because Minecraft is not particularly impressive to look at, unless looking at Mega-Builds (usually collaborations) with Shaders, or terrain editing with programs like WorldPainter.

    What they are supposed to do is offer unique gameplay features that can't (or can only very rarely) be found elsewhere.  Villages offer Trade, and Exploration maps. Nether Fortresses offer the ability to make Potions. Strongholds offer access to the End, and Silverfish. Dungeons offer spawners. Witch Huts offer...Witches.

    I go "Wow!"--when I look at these things, even though they look terrible. Why? Because they have something unique or that I have been searching for, and generally speaking, I can stick around to construct farms or combat interesting mobs, and gain valuable unique, game changing loot in the process. End Cities and Woodland Mansions have the infuriating problem of the unique mobs not respawning, so I can't stick around to build.

    Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, Wells, Igloos, and Mineshafts aren't worth finding, except in the very early game, because they don't have anything unique (aside from Mineshafts, but again, why farm Cave Spiders?).

    So yes, I completely agree that these structures need a redesign, but they need a redesign because the gameplay is lacking. Not the aesthetics.

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    BigMass5 commented

    I think gameplay is a bit more pressing, but there isnt anything wrong with just making these things *look* nicer. It's just a nice aesthetics change, not a particularly significant one, but one that I think most survival players would like nonetheless. 

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    Astronut7 commented


    Yeah, okay. I would like them redesigned too. But the bit I mentioned about my dirt mansions, and cobblestone caves, looking like masterpieces of design by comparison? That's not just me joking, or trying to be funny. Had I been surrounded by masterpieces of design, I wouldn't have been inspired to build anything, because anything I would have built would have just been inadequate, and pointless.

    So on the one hand, I would like the redesign. On the other hand, it would be quite easy to make the structures so much better designed, and elaborate that many new Minecraft players are completely discouraged from building anything. That, I think, is why downloadable mash-up pack worlds, like Halo, or Skyrim, or community creations, are kept separate, and not included as part of the default Minecraft experience.

    The structures should inspire, but be kept simple enough that new Minecraft players can build far better structures in just a few hours of survival. Even redesigning a small village in survival Minecraft takes A LOT of time, and effort.

    So again, I think the major problem with the missing wow-factor, or adventure, like what JPWaterFlame is after, is gameplay. Having the structures look like something noobs would build is kind of the point, so noobs (like myself) can do better.

    However, that doesn't mean that something like the Nether Fortresses can't be tweaked for some more variety. Use the Red-Nether Brick, and Nether-wart Blocks (add de-crafting recipe), and Redstone Lanterns! For Desert Pyramids, have an Orange (that is NOT red, Dinnerbone. You're not the only one at Mojang who's colourblind. It's Orange Sandstone, and Orange Sand) Sandstone variant, and perhaps a less obvious trap, using a gold pressure plate on a gold floor, or perhaps have variants which don't have the TNT trap, or have a couple of chests in the towers instead?

    Have the villages have houses which aren't all bungalows, and have a second story. Add a few more house types, specifically for each profession/career. The church definitely needs to be bigger, and actually have something to "worship." Perhaps have a cemetery out the back, with loot or traps in the graves? Worshipping the Mojang logo (too self-serving?), or a Notch Apple, with an unholy Microsoft logo (bad humour, sorry). Ooh. I know--worshipping a Creeper face, as Creepers are mysterious, don't actually attack villagers, and they are the face of Minecraft.

    Keep things simple. Don't go overboard with the redesign. But more variety, and unexpected surprises, and unique gameplay opportunities, are welcome. Replay Vechs' Super Hostile Legendary for some excellent community ideas. Or was it Super Hostile Inferno Mines that Mojang played? I know for a fact that Mojang is aware of the series--the April Fool's Minecraft 2.0 Update confirmed that.

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    I should have been more specific in this post. I talking about possibly a MINOR redesign.

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    What Astronut7 said.

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    AJ_Gaming . commented

    Would say someone like grian should help with this, but hes not exactly affiliated with mojang huh XD

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    Dinorauria commented

    Agreed, I'd like a major redesign of the villages. Maybe with doors on what the structure generator considers "houses" and torches in what the village behavior considers "houses". The big L shaped house has a huge dark area that zombies can spawn in, and the ones with decent lighting have no doors. That being said, I wouldn't so much change the floor layout of these structures at all. More so the composition of the building and interior design. Because 1.13 has given us nice stripped logs, 1.6 had hay bales that could potentially be used as thatch (especially with the new texture), corner stairs have been a thing for the longest time, and ceramic bricks have existed even before villages were implemented. 

    As for nether fortresses, more use of stairs and red brick please. Maybe even some slabs for the roof so that mobs don't amass on top of the hallways. Same thing with the Woodland mansion, though outside of brick roofs not much needs to change. Same with the exterior of ocean monuments, because prismarine stairs were just implemented and aren't used for at least minimal detailing. Outside of that they're pretty decent.

    And I get that the one thing Jeb_ and Notch regretted making during early development was the slab and stair "pseudo blocks" but they are the best thing that could have happened for architecture. The one thing I despise them making is those ugly raw igneous stone blocks. More for the fact that seem to pepper the underground with mostly clashing colors. I honestly would have made them alternate pallets for the default stone.

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    KillerTron commented

    Yeah.I agree with him on this one.Especially when it comes to the dirt floor in the little village houses.Some structures need a MAJOR redesign though.That's mainly the village,Nether fortress,and strongholds.

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    KillerTron commented

    Dinorauria,are you talking about cobblestone when you say ugly raw igneous stone?

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    Mc Rat commented

    There's a one big major flaw in them: They all look exactly the same and you always know what to expect.

    Why not make Desert pyramids have some Husks guarding them sometimes? Different layouts and different traps, so it's not always the same TNT pit. Same for Jungle temples too, and  you can just break through the wall, so what's the point of the puzzle?

    Dungeons: I don't think you can even call those tiny little boxes dungeons. When I think of a dungeon I imagine a huge underground labyrinth with lots of different rooms, and with big risk, but cool rewards.

    Players just put a torch on top of the spawner and thats it. It's defeated, and you'll easily get a nice little infinite source of EXP & items.

    Why not  add more risks to them? Like maybe the spawner is guarded by a miniboss or something. Or if you want to be really mean to fans of mob grinders, make it so you can only kill the miniboss by destroying the spawner.

    Stronghold: This is meant to be an endgame structure, but there's actually nothing "endgame" about it. There's just the same regular mobs and some silverfish.

    Perhaps the stronghold area would have the max. regional difficulty from the start? Just a small improvement idea.

    Nether Fortress: Other than the fact that its made 100% of Nether Brick, it's honestly not that bad. It serves its purpose. But when it's literally the only structure in the Nether...

    Mineshaft: It's OK. Maybe needs new rooms. Like a room filled with TNT.

    Ravine: Too common. Loses its coolness factor.

    End City: One of the best structures. I think it might need some enemy variety though. Why not put some endermites in there?

    Desert well: Mojang, add literally anything to them. Like a hidden dungeon, a chest, or enemies... I don't see the point of it when water lakes generate all over the Desert.

    Fossils: Would be cool if they could generate exposed on the surface in Deserts.

    Witch hut: Needs loot, like a Witch hat maybe. Or just a brewing stand.

    Woodland Mansion: Needs better loot. Needs to be fireproof in some way. Vindicators need to see further away, so you can't just snipe 'em or lure them and slowly kill them 1 at a time.

    Well this was meant to be a simple comment but I turned it into a big ramble. Midway I just decided to go through them all.

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    Hyrum Dickson commented

    I agree, but what is needed is not a redesign, it is variation. Like Mc Rat said, the structures need to have unexpected factors, and I would add: rare rooms and features that add a surprise factor even for experienced Minecrafters.

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    TravelByTrain commented

    Villages are being updated, but temples need updates too. Desert temples have more complex mazes and more hidden, dangerous traps (sure the TNT trap is deadly and destroys the loot but is easily disarmable). Jungle temples need to be bigger, have more difficult puzzles and arrows should be launched in barrages.

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    Casey Calhoun commented

    Desert temples should be redesigned to look more like a pyramid. Even the inside could be redesigned. Have it so that you have to go through a "maze" of tunnels to find the treasure inside, which would be more exciting than having to dig a hole in a monument and hopefully not setting off any TNT that awaits.

    The villager redesign in MCPE Beta is better - I like how the buildings look! And the new textures make it look even better as well.

    Everything else is okay...

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    Yes, I believe that villages need to be bigger, like the old ones. All villages I've come across have like maybe 4 houses, and they're tiny. Old villages usually had more than 8 houses, and their functions were clear. Now it's jumbled and just really silly. If you want to add more designs to villages, don't get rid of the existing designs. They were really good and instantly recognizable. Just add the new designs onto the old ones, therefore expanding the village and solving both of my issues with the new 19w11b villages.

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    Just saying to everybody here, I don't wanna see a paragraph every time I see a comment, I just want a simple and short explanation of everything you have to say and not a whole paragraph of all you feel like saying, some things aren't meant to be seen by the public. Now for my comment:
    I like the idea, but I think that they should be minor changes instead of BIG changes because I wanna see some new spice up in there but not a whole new dish y'know what I mean?

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    I totally agree! But i think the villages need stuff like walls and other things as well. They also should make mob more advanced!! Because i can kill over a hundred zombies while also trading with a villager. Villagers and mobs should be more intelligent and villagers should be in armor and kill mobs in bigger villages. Please understand that i love the game and only want to have a good time in villages and can use better techniques in fighting and seeing what our true skill for the BEST game ever. Thanks.




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    I'd personally use the reworks Jeracraft did.

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    ItisAriel commented

    Can we have a moment to talk about an ocean temple does need some big help.


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    The one most in need of work is the dungeon.

    Its just a room with a spawner and two chests. Compared to the end dungeon thats not good enough. Each dungeon should have 2-4 rooms randomly selected from a wide variety. Each room has a bit of furniture and decoration blocks, maybe bricks or one of the other harder to get building materials. When you find one you are happy to have found cool building materials as well as the chests and spawner. Having more rooms also gives the spawner time to build up some mobs while the player looks around. >:)

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    Kahn Kao commented

    I can agree with this except for the villages, the old villages look a bit too plain and similar.  The variety in the old village buildings are almost non-existent.  The palette they used is a bit too, lets say, not unique.  Many players already uses mostly cobblestone and wood/logs to build their homes, and I don’t think players are getting too much inspirations from these.  With the new village remodel, I as a builder myself too started to think about: what can I do to make my builds blend in or contrast the environment better?  What is possible with the resources that are available in this area?  And most importantly, what kind of style suits the surroundings?  While yes, they still aren’t grand or monumental, but this is just a beginning for a new era for villages.  I can be very sure that this isn’t anywhere close to their final forms just yet.  I can also say the same for all the other overlooked structures.  I want the people to remember that these generated villages are meant to give inspirations to those who are new to building, and a challenges for adept builders to test their ability to rebuild wherever they see fit.

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    Super Android commented

    I absolutely agree. Jungle Temples, Desert Temples, Ocean Monuments, and Nether Fortresses are especially dated looking. I'd even say ALL structures other than the newly introduced ones need complete redesigns.

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    Super Android commented

    I absolutely agree. Jungle Temples, Desert Temples, Ocean Monuments, and Nether Fortresses are especially dated looking. I'd even say ALL structures other than the newly introduced ones need complete redesigns.

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    I like the idea of a redesign.. but I also wouldn't like to lose the current versions completely. Perhaps keep them the same but just give them a few of the new decorative blocks.

    I think more variety would be great. The current temples could still spawn but you might also find say a desert temple with just two towers and a different kind of trap or one with no towers but like a large pyramid and the treasure is at the top of the pyramid instead of the bottom of a shaft.

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    jareth verens commented

    I honestly do agree with this, the Nether Fortresses are rather barren most of the time in my experience on my Survival World, like, they only have chests with loot (which there aren't a lot of), Blaze Spawners which could be made into farms, Netherwart which pretty much no one cares about except potion users and occasional Wither Skeletons. And those stuff are rather small compared to the amount of space taken by the hallways, which aren't exclusive at all considering you could make the bricks out of the netherrack nearby, the hallways also are very basic in design. These Fortresses would be very small without the hallways and only the valuables!
    And the Desert and Jungle Temples would need some more stuff done, like decoration, maybe more traps, more rooms etc. They just become very predictable!
    And I think especially the Dungeons need an overhaul, even some decoration to represent the spawner would make it seem better, maybe with corridors! Like cobwebs around the spider spawner. Craters around a Creeper spawner! I feel like the Dungeons are rather forgotten about by the devs, they don't even appear in the locate command!

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    Villages are new why not spowners and temples.

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    Here's a few of my thoughts on structures in general -

    Overall, I think the game is nearing "Structure Fatigue" where there's far too many structures close by. Hoping for biomepacks soon to adjust structure frequency.

    Dungeons - I feel like these were supposed to make caves more dangerous when they were first added. (there should be creeper spawners, BTW, and spawners should have a blast resistance like obsidian). At the very least, spawner mobs should have an AI tag that makes them flee the spawner room and head into the tunnels, plus have a larger stop/de-spawn radius from the player.

    Mine-shafts - Should be less frequent at/near (1024x1024 blocks?). I find a good cave system more enjoyable than mine-shafts.

    Ravines - FAR too common. I've seen worlds with 6-8 ravines within view distance of spawn using spectator mode (16 chunk render distance). However, with that being said, I would like to see wider ravines (maybe a biome where such a ravine would exist).

    Shipwrecks & Ocean Ruins - would like to see these a little less, or larger oceans to make them less concentrated.

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    Maybe just a sight makeover, and make it a bit harder would be nice.

    Grian posted a video on how dungeons should look, I think it's brilliant.

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    Dante Vara commented

    I think that yes, a redesign is in order, but not too the point where they're too elaborate, because new players wouldn't be inspired to build anything, just in awe of what Mojang made.

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    Imran Azhar commented

    they should get the Minecraft community to design the structures from now on

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    The ocean monument should use the new prismarine slabs and stairs