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  • 43 votes

    Cats/ocelot Attack parrots

     "I think that the cats should attack the parrots because cats tend to attack birds and hunt things. so maybe cats could attack the parrots. just like zombie and villagers. it would work the s...
  • 236 votes

    Water Dragon

    There could be this portal that leads to a diffrent dimension called the Deep which has a Water Dragon maybe bigger than Ender Dragon it could look like a gurdian or you could make a new biome call...
  • 146 votes

    Overworld dragons

    Dragons that spawn (rarely) in emerald caves (caves which contain many emeralds) in the side of mountains. The dragon would attack villages (hence the emeralds) and would obviously have some kind o...
  • 21 votes

    Inferno Ghast

    SPAWNS rarely in THE NETHER close to the nether fortresses   LOOKS LIKE an armored ghast (bedrock like armor) with a melted mouth and red pointy eyes .   ATACKS : It breathes fire (literal flames) ...
  • 43 votes

    Turtle Easter egg

    Hello, I propose an easter egg idea for the 1.13: This idea is to rename a turtle "Flash" and it would have a custom skin as in the picture.
  • 28 votes

    Pufferfish give off thorns

    If u hit a Pufferfish when its puffed up then u will get thorns like how guardians r
  • 65 votes

    Phantom membrane and scute can be used for banner decorations

    Phantom membrane and scutes could be used to make a specific type of design to a banner giving an even more use to membranes and scutes, like the enchanted apple makes the mojang symbol, membranes...
  • 37 votes

    Chickens can flap up to high areas

    Their should be a feature where if chickens r cornered or stuck in a tight spot, they can simply just flap up, they wont fly just able to flap up to 3 blocks high
  • 31 votes

    Strays spawn at high snowy altitudes

    Since snow can generate at very high mountains, u should make it where strays spawn their too, just in the snowy areas of the high mountains
  • 108 votes

    Adding small rodents (Gerbils, guinea pigs and hamsters)

     Rodents are small, but amazing, creatures. Adding them to Minecraft would be a great addition to the game, they would fun animals to have around and they would make great pets (they should be tame...
  • 83 votes

    Slugs & Snails

    Slugs & Snails may not be the biggest addition, but they would be a nice animal to have around. Snails could drop their shell and slime. Slugs could just drop slime, and I'm not talking about s...
  • 21 votes

    Adding The Siamese Fighting Fish aka. The Betta

    There are loads of amazing fish out there and The Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta is just one of them. Although there are a lot of fish, I want Mojang to add the Betta specifically for it's sad tend...
  • 56 votes

    More Wolves and Shewolf boss

    There should be more variety in wolves like red fur, gray fur, black fur, golden fur, brown fur and silver fur and also a black-brown neutral shewolf boss that spawns in Wolf Gathering sites when a...
  • 67 votes

    Wolves and Spiders should be able to sprint as fast as the player

    Wolves and Spiders were originally implemented before sprinting was in the game. Spiders are no longer much of a threat to the player because of their now-lower movement speed, and Wolves can also ...
  • 38 votes

    Remove phantoms they break the game

    I know the phantom has been chosen at minecon to be new mon for minecraft but i hate it! Thats because its annoying to have to keep sleeping just to keep the phantoms away. Also it breaks faction a...
  • 185 votes

    Scorpion mob

    Scorpions are found in deserts why not minecraft deserts
  • 30 votes

    improved shulkers

    shulkers can spawn with selected given effects, the effect it gives can be specified with commands with NBT you can also make it look like a specific block
  • 70 votes

    The Amazing Axolotl!

    The Axolotl is a small, pink salamander that has three red, coral like protrusions on it's head on each side. It is native to the rivers near southern Mexico. This creature is special because it ca...
  • 46 votes

    Mob absorbing slimes

    You know like in the movies and shows, when there's a slime in then it absorbs something up. Why not Minecraft slimes? Bigger ones can absorb bigger mobs, and after some time, they start to suffoca...
  • 39 votes

    Passive Animal Scaring

    When out in the world, often a user encounters a group of cows, sheep, or other passive mob. These groups are often killed for resources. When a player attacks an animal, it runs in a frenzy away f...
  • 50 votes

    Eyes of Mobs

    My idea is that when you kill mobs and animals they should drop eyes just like a spider does. I think that if you combine the eyes of nine different mobs and animals, you should be able to create o...
  • 51 votes

    Dyable chickens

    I think this feature should have been implemented in the 1.12 World of color update but my idea is we should be able to dye the chickens (right clicking on the chickens with dyes will turn them int...
  • 20 votes

    Pterygotus inspired hostile mob for oceans

    Anyone remember the Bane of Arthropods Enchantment?Probobly not because of the limited amount of mobs it effects.A new hostile mob simular in design to the extinct Pterygotus would be a great candi...
  • 38 votes


     usually in cave,their nest can be eaten(soup) drop feather,tameable?
  • 57 votes

    Sea boss Posideon/Poseidon

    New Boss Like Maybe Posideon? Easiest Way to Get Trident w/ Enchant
  • 33 votes

    Stone Mobs

    Occasionally there should be stone creatures that break stone to get to you, they spawn in the walls and break down the walls to get to you making it almost impossible to trap it. These mobs blend ...
  • 22 votes

    Irthwurm - A Desert Mini-Boss

    Beneath the water of desert wells, you can find a special "worm altar" block. Using a fishing rod on the water above will cause the player to reel in a giant worm beast. The altar is des...
  • 48 votes

    Crows (DOOM!!! for your wheat fields) and Scarecrows

    These annoying birds will inhabit some villages and will destroy wheat crops. Sure you could attack them but all his buddies will start attacking you. Drops black feather used for crafting. (not su...
  • 108 votes

    Cats being able to fish.

    Cats should be able to fish, they could be able to get better thing then fishing with a rod. It would give cats more features and make them more important than just scaring away creepers. Cats are ...
  • 83 votes

    Three types of Owls

    My brother likes owls so I came up with an idea for them. Too many rabbits in your game, well this bird will solve that problem. The owl is a neutral mob that is hostile only to rabbits (makes sens...