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  • 1 vote

    Shadow mobs

    Shadow mobs would be ghost versions of regular mobs eg shadow creeper and shadow zombie. They would look transparent. Shadow mobs would only be damaged by potions or the environment. They would act...
  • 1 vote

    More mobs should be influenced by lightnings

    1) Bat or chicken + Lightning -> Phantom 2) Trader + Lightning -> Illusioner 3) Zombie + Lightning -> Giant 4) Cow + Lightning -> Moshroom 5) Skeleton + Lightning -> Witherskeleton ...
  • 4 votes


    so I know everybody would like a mod of titans (not like the wither or ender dragon) but something like mutant mobs. for example, THE OMEGAFISH. it's a mutant silverfish that is really big that des...
  • 1 vote

    arctic fox spawn egg

    you should be able to spawn the arctic fox with a spawn egg. this would help people trying to build zoos
  • 0 votes

    Silverfish Spawn Locations

    I was researching and I found that silverfish, a type of insect, like warm places and hiding behing rocks. It dosen't make sense that they live in cold extreme hill biomes!  I mean the monster rock...
  • 14 votes

    Wolves Saving You

    After being killed by something other than natural elements, there should be a 50% chance that if you have a wolf, it will drag you back you your home bed, by your foot, with all your stats half of...
  • 3 votes


    so the end has very little life, so I propose we add a new entity; the glider. the glider is a series of smaller segments with a single glowing purple eye on the base of the head. it shoots a brigh...
  • 9 votes


    example: worms   USES - can be used for fishing (more efficient fishing) - and can be added to the composter to make the crops more efficient (grow a little faster) - you can give them to the chick...
  • 0 votes


    Het zou leuk zijn als er ook monsters zijn die zich aan hun omgeving aanpassen bijvoorbeeld zit hij op een Block dat hij dan ook zown Block wort dus eigelijk onzichtbaar
  • 9 votes

    Improve parrots

    The parrot was a big letdown, as we all know so here's a few suggestions I like to give out: 1: when on your shoulders, they don't jump off when you jump 2: also, it should warn the player of nea...
  • 4 votes

    Add my pet fox

    Hi I know this sounds weird but I have a Fox She’s a good little girl name Roxy i’ve had her for all my life And I think you’d be amazing if you guys could add a Easter egg where if you n...
  • 5 votes

    Wither horse

    It would be like a skeleton horse, but black and wings, can be found on the nether or when a ray reaches a skeleton horse. You could be mounted, you could fly (or plan) and drop charcoal and bones.
  • 13 votes

    Silver Fox in Mega Taiga

    Mega Taigas feel left out since Cold Taigas got Arctic Foxes, and Regular Taigas got Red foxes. Perhaps we could add an additional skin in the form of the Silver Fox? A color variant of the Red Fox...
  • 0 votes

    Dark oak forest mob

    I feel like the dark oak forest is really empty so since monsters spawn there because its dark what if there was a shadow that would spawn in dark areas of the dark oak forests but if you find one ...
  • 17 votes

    Polar Bear: Salmon Hunting

    It's very unfortunate that Polar Bears were added in a rushed Development Stage where Mojang just wanted to push content quickly after the long waited 1.9 Combat Update. I understand their intenti...
  • 2 votes


    So, mules are already in Minecraft, right? But if we have mules, where’s the hinnies exactly? Hinnies are the offspring of a female donkey and a stallion. Mules are the opposite. I was thinking tha...
  • 17 votes

    [19w07a] Red Fox & Arctic Fox differences

    "The red fox is physically dominant to the arctic fox, weighing up to double and being up to 70% longer, allowing them to prey on the arctic fox." So Red Foxes should be bigger, and be ho...
  • 1 vote

    Black Widow (New Cave Boss)

    This is a new boss that will spawn in a cave on mountains, usually on Y > 60 (yea, visible in overworld) and will always have at least 1 cave spider spawner and 1 spider spawner. Max 3 of any, t...
  • 0 votes

    Be able to breed donkeys and mules together

    Just thought it'd be interesting to have donkeys and mules be able to breed with each other, their offspring doesn't have to be a new mob or anything, i'm fine with just having it randomly be a don...
  • 7 votes

    Ambient Mobs Continued: Birds and Rodent Behavior

    Bird and rodent behavior is as follows: - birds flock to a certain size and periodically migrate to water - birds will tend to flock with its own species -birds are randomly attracted to glass and...
  • 6 votes

    Ambient Mobs

    Bats are cool. They make the caves seem bigger and spook you. The tropical fish make the ocean look alive and bottomless. There needs to be a bird and rodent class of mobs, much like the bat who dr...
  • 13 votes

    Tamed Wolves & Village Interaction

    Tamed wolves and child villagers should play together, and chase each other. They would pet the tamed wolf when its sitting. Tamed wolves would also interact with the village cats and chase them, a...
  • 4 votes

    [Wolf AI Behavior] Attacking sheeps at night

    Wild wolves should sometimes attack on farms, and kill sheep if not protected properly. Foxes already have this behavior, so wolves should have something similar. Wolves would sneak in sheep pens a...
  • 0 votes

    Mobs & Projectiles

    When a skeleton, stray, or other mob that attacks using projectiles is riding something, their projectiles can hit whatever they're riding...unless it's a horse, because there's a specific exceptio...
  • 7 votes

    Ravager need a change

     Como podríamos ver si se han agregado bastantes mafiosos pero hay uno en concreto que se ha llevado un cabo en el sentido de lo que es la comunidad en general, junto con esto se ha agregado a un n...
  • 3 votes

    Giant bat and vampire potion.

    (This is translated from Spanish using Google) A giant bat, which has a rare drop of bat wings with which you can make a vampire potion with the effect of stealing a portion of the enemy's health a...
  • 2 votes

    new pillager variant

    I personally think a new pillager should be added in that does not attack but will aim specifically for crops,chest and villager inventories were villagers will throw their food and emeralds to the...
  • 3 votes

    Guardian Golem

    Imagine a Statuesque Cyclopean Guardian Golem with a Laser strapped to its Face! Now imagine commanding that Guardian Golem to kneel or follow with the flick of a Prismatic Wand.  How do we make th...
  • 1 vote

    Changes to guardians

    1.more variants I feel that different light levels should cause these if it spawns at light level 3 or below it should be blind and attack differently only one I've come up with but you are smart e...
  • 3 votes

    Swamp Creeper

    the 3 most iconic hostile mobs are probably the creeper, zombie, and the skeleton. we already have the husk and the stray, why not add a new variant of the creeper? since the husk spawns in the des...