Copper Needs More Practical Applications


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    I've seen a lot of fun feedback ideas for copper, and I agree that it's uses should be more to the creative/inventive edge verse just another tool/weapon/armor set. Some I've really liked so far:

    Bellows: increase smelting speed, manual (button) like action at first cut could be automated with redstone later

    Redstone Fans: (much like a lot trap mods)

    Copper glinting: Add damage to arrows/bows/crossbows

    Pipes (really common idea)/cheaper hopper (slower and uses a barrel)

    Wires: redstone signal transmission (vertical, horizontal, and water loggable) best idea had it so you had to use a solid copper block to interact with redstone components ex. [Redstone block/Power] [Cu Blk}{Wire}---------------{Wire}{Cu Blk][comparator][Piston] adds a little complexity but also more use of copper. 

    Farm automation/Lumber automation/Block breaking automation: I always love Quality of Life ideas that reduce grind, shame there are not more vanilla options even if automation costs some sort of fuel to balance it the more a base runs itself the more you can go adventure.

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    It needs to be like a tool to use for gears and armor in between stone and iron.

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    I really like the idea of copper pipes. I think that would definitely be one way to make copper much more useful.