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Potion Creams / Applying potion effects to weapons


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    Just a brief continuation, but I wanted to further develop the last point on the effects it would bring back. Making items that don't have many uses currently into potion ingredients is an easy way to make them feel more valuable. Some of the items I think would work for these missing effects are:

    • Ink Sac > Blindness (ink sac's 1 use currently is to be made into Black Dye. Keeping it as the organ for a potion recipe fits the theme of brewing nicely. As for mobs, their line of sight would be dropped to 0-2 blocks for the duration of the effect)
    • Rotten Flesh > Nausea (Rotten Flesh becomes useless the moment you have any other food and just takes up space. This at least takes the gross concept of ingesting flesh a comical context. When used on a mob, the mob will generally act dizzy and confused. Skeletons may miss their shots completely and creepers may accidentally explode.).
    • Bottle of Honey > Haste (Currently, Honey is only used as a food and a block ingredient. Making honey the key ingredient for Haste potions, mimicking being as busy as a bee, would make bee farms much more valuable. On mobs, this would increase their attack speed. With fermented spider eyes, this would become a mining fatigue potion, having the same effect on mobs.)

    As for the ingredient I mentioned earlier in the post that would increase the duration the cream remains on the weapon, I think it should be Nether Quartz. On instantaneous effects, it would add an extra usage before disappearing.

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    coll idea i dont understand how this post has only 2 votes