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Pillager Caravan with villagers


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    Wet Walrus 27 commented
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    I like small things like this that add the the game

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    Layla Pitts commented
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    Small side suggestion: How that could work spawning in they could spawn out of render distance, or at least 50 blocks away, so you encounter them already moving along realistically, above y=50, and only in some biomes like plains, the open varients of Forests, Deserts, and Savannahs, and away from Villages. That way it can't happen anywhere for an advantage/getting stuck (Like underground, in the ocean, or in a Dark Oak Forest) 

    Being Biome specific would also make it much more unique, unlike the Wandering Traveler, meaning if you're always in a Mountain Biome, the Pillager Caravan won't spawn in the Mountain Biome.