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Basalt Layer in Nether


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    I like the idea of making basalt more common, but maybe it shouldn't generate in a fully solid layer as that would be a bit overwhelming. Instead, you could find it in patches, similarly to granite, diorite and andesite in the Overworld.

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    Nitramm64 commented
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    I agree with Jakub Zeleznik

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    I think it should be in a kind of patchy layer, similar to how the bedrock gets at y=5. This would cause your mining speed to fluctuate as you go, which would make mining in the nether less monotonous and kind of risky/unpredictable, which fits the dimension quite well.

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    EpicBboy123 commented
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    I also agree with jabuk zelenik because netherack is easy to mine and this could add pockets to either avoid or persevere through make nether mining less dull.

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    catcagames commented
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    Perhaps a 'hardened netherrack' would work better for this, as the basalt is in the soul sand valley.