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Remove "Java" from the title of Java edition


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    14c8 . commented
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    I agree with this completely, everything in this post. I think you can't just take the title from the main or original game and move it somewhere else.

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    KittyCaleb commented
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    This is because the bedrock edition is universal, it's what the developers intended the game to be, at this point in time the java edition is the odd one out. It's simply called Minecraft because it's what ALL platforms (Play Station aside) can use universally. It's called the java edition because that's what it runs, Java.    It may be many people's preferred version but so is bedrock edition. I feel that this would confuse things, "What version of Minecraft do you use?", "Minecraft", "Which one", "Minecraft.". Now with 'Minecraft' and 'Minecraft Java Edition', they are distinguishable.


    Minecraft Bedrock is technically simply called 'Minecraft', no edition. It is universal, it unites all the consoles and PC's (Not Play Station though).

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    I completely agree with you. I can't choose which version to play.

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    There should be two minecrafts with one name ;)