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Sailing ships.


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    so does that mean i could not make a modern ship?

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    Elias Lycanis commented
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    I would love this. Its engaging and would draw the Sea of Theives crowd. Honestly you wouldnt

    even have to make it craftable at a bench. It could be like a golem


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    this would be cool if you could build a house on the boat so you never have to leave the ocean so minecraft can also get the people who like raft to join.

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    Neo Anderson commented
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    House boat would be nice. With storage, bed, crafting and a helm.

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    Here's what I propose: a medium-sized ship, about 3-4 times the size of a normal boat, with the ability to hold up to 4 passengers and can fit at least 1 or 2 chests. Crafting recipe is simple: have 2 normal boats of the same wood (one in the center slot and one to the left of it), 3 planks of the same wood on the bottom row, and 2 wool at the top-right and center right-hand slots. The ship will be 25% slower a normal boat, but it's balanced out with the extra storage and passenger space. Model doesn't change much: remove the oars, make it bigger, and add a mast with a square(or triangle) sail. Inventory UI would be similar to a donkey/mule's UI when opening up it's inventory. Controls stay the same. Adding chests would have the model of the chests at the rear. Adding a banner would add the design to the sail, or maybe just stick the banner at the top of the mast.

    Now, you could do a LOT with this addition: have pillagers spawn in these ships and sail in on you or an unsuspecting village, spawn the wandering trader in one of these and can trade with you out at sea, generate villages out at sea that can have these ships sitting in a dock of some sort. The list goes on and on.