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Ability to load Texture packs/Add-ons on Nintendo switch through an SD card


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    CrazyBillyJ0e commented
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    I wish


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    I hope this happens so badly, because whenever I want to do that, I look up the solution and it says you need to hack and risk destroying your switch, just to download a single texture pack!

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    ILikePapyrus commented
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    I would love it so much!! The problem is authorization: if you had a loading folder on the SD card, it would create a security problem for the entire system, because people could load custom software that could damage the OS by interfacing with other applications or by downloading other software like an IP Grabber. Yes, it could be possible for having maybe an authorization platform on Minecraft.net but it would create an hassle to Nintendo to make a secure "tunnel" for loading files from the SD card to the internal storage, by granting security to the OS... still an idea that i would love to see in action for everyone.

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    Mew7120 commented
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    How is this not a thing already!? Mojang needs to phone up Nintendo and get this sorted.