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Better, Tiered Caves


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    Sky S commented
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    A massive cave updated is needed to revamp the underground world of Minecraft. I have a number of requests for this type of feature.

    - More Ores

    - New Cave Dedicated Mobs

    - Cave Biomes

    - More Underground Structures


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    Caboose887 commented
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    I think an update focused on amplifying mining/caves just how there was an update doing the same for villages would be most welcome. It would definitely make mining more interesting since for the most part, you're just looking for diamonds, iron, or coal; and your biggest threats are surprise creepers, falling from the top of a ravine, and lava. An update expanding on mines and caves would be really cool.

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    You mean different kinds of stones to dicentivize strip mining and deeper worlds, right? I'd like that. I think making the depths harder than they are now is kinda crucial to reestablish any kind of difficulty curve, especially with a cave update. I love the idea of less caves, but bigger caves.

    For difficulty, I'd imagine something like thick atmosphere that reduces lightsources or field of view. Maybe new mobs that only spawn past a certain level. Maybe even Nether mobs and netherrack by bedrock (I secretly still wish you could mine down to the Nether). I'd like mobs that disregard or even destroy torches, because regular torches make the underground way to cheap to clear out IMO.

    Hard stone sounds great, it really means soft-blocked progression and I love it. If it means the deeper you go, the harder strip mining gets and the more rewarding caving is, I'm 100% on board. Maybe to balance it out, we say that there's gunpowder deposits down below. So, if you can't mine it, blow it up? 

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    Galiantus commented
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    Rather than add new blocks, what if mining speed decreased slightly as you went lower?