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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Large Villages/Cities


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    No rulers, because that seems a bit much, and I love this idea. The banner generation seems really nice, but perhaps it should be completely random. Also, perhaps these cities, during a raid, will exponentially up the difficulty of the raid. Also, what number of villagers would the city have, as the dense population would cause lag.

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    I would love it if new types of golems came with this, something that worked like dogs do where you can tell them to stay in one spot or follow you, maybe even tell them to patrol an area.

    Maybe add in soul crystals that can only be found in city mines, these are used to make the golems.

    Cobble Stone Golems (crafted with 3 cobble stone blocks, soul crystal and carved pumpkin) could be cheap but are slow and die quickly

    Stone Golems (crafted with 3 stone blocks, soul crystal and carved pumpkin) are slow but last longer since once they die they turn into Cobble Stone Golems

    Scarecrow Golems (crafted with an armor stand, carved pumpkin and soul crystal) could be archers but only have four hearts.

    Gold Golems (crafted with 3 gold blocks, soul crystal and a carved pumpkin) could be the must have of golem infantry, this way we can give gold more use, these would also be the main type of golems that cities would have.

    You could give them the tools and armor they need.

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    Implement a system where if you're seen stealing items or taking blocks from the city your reputation with the city decreases and it can decrease to a point where they will become hostile to you with the golems attacking you on sight, if you kill them the city will just slowly start to make stronger and stronger golems till you're out of their city or die, if you still want to bother and terrorize the city you could sneak during night so long as the golems don't see you.

    If you do good deeds like killing mobs near or in the city or add in more blocks (to encourage players to build stuff for cities) your reputation with the city could increase to the point where they could gift you things such as Soul Crystals to make your own golems, or you could trade with the villagers.

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    I like this idea. I think that there should be a signature song that plays when you enter the city, made from noteblocks, and maybe sounding medieval-y whatever the word is. Also, villagers could have assigned familes with last names, and the families go to their house at night to sleep, and the house could have a sign out front with the familes last name on it. Also, it would be cool if, in the families, you put your cursor or tap on them, and like how name tags work, the could have a first name and family last name. And maybe the can have dogs or cats or some form of pet. Idk it sounds fun. :)

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    maybe a name would be written somewhere (the name of the city) and there would be a wall around the place, also maybe add warrior villergers to help protect

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    i think this is too much for vanilla