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Woodworker villager


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    So you're saying carpenter/lumberjack right? This other guy had a post on builder villagers. Perhaps you can work together on something? https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360010772211-Miner-villager-Redstone-Engineer-villager-was-New-types-of-villagers- 

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    NH2410 commented

    I had this idea as well, but I thought that they could also do some actual placing and breaking blocks. For instance, in the case of a creeper exploding one of the buildings, a carpenter would slowly fix it. The block related to them could also be the wood equivalent of the stonecutter block.

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    soarindash123 commented

    I had the exact same thought of a wood working villager, but I would like to see different variants in wooden doors and trapdoors as well if they ever add a wood worker. And maybe the villager could trade saplings, sticks and leaves for emeralds. I would love that, I have so many sticks and saplings in my survival world. 💚