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Vote Priority as a Second Feedback Metric


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    How about instead each person could give each idea more than one vote?

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    avari six commented
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    @Willian Miller Thanks for your comment!

    While that would also allow priority to influence a post, there would have to be something to stop people from voting an arbitrarily large number of times. One such way is a a finite "vote budget" that each user can spend on the things they want more, but I can't imagine a simple way to do it so it would be useful, and wouldn't cause inflation when we transfer over - which would devalue all existing posts. Also, there would still only be the one way to measure popularity of a post. Looking at vote count alone, you woud not be able to distinguish between many people thinking something is a good idea, versus only one person or a few people wanting something really really badly.

    I wouid want to stick with vote count measuring the number of bodies, and to include priority as a separate value.

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    What I meant was that the voters could give between one and five votes, or something like that.  There should also be a separate number that shows how many people voted (or the average number of votes per person).