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Tame Foxes


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    I hope this is gonna be the next update😍😆

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    I love this idea, but i’ve said this so many times,WE. NEED. TO redo the face the eyes are crossed!

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    I would love to see tame foxes, but I do not agree that it should be as complicated as others have suggested. Minecraft does not use realism as a strong basis for its mechanics and I see little reason for foxes to break that trend.

    Keep the wild foxes as wild, keep the friendly foxes you breed from them, but make the friendly foxes tamable directly. Some people suggest chicken, others suggest berries. Either (or maybe both) are fine.

    I do not believe a pet mob should ever be decorative, so I don't just want them tame for taming sake. I also don't think having them just be the same as wolves is good, because then why have wolves? They shouldn't help hunt like wolves do, but should instead pick up items for you.

    Finally, since cats scare creepers, and dogs scare skeletons, I think foxes should scare spiders. While I said before that realism is not a strong basis for Minecraft, this is a minor call back to the fact that foxes in reality are omnivorous and eat bugs.

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    Omgsh this would be perfect! We need more votes!