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Tame Foxes


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    I figure this is going to be a popular thread so I shortened the subject to make it easier to pick up in search.

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    Pascal Anema commented

    Yes yes yes, foxes!

    Okey I want to contribute :D
    I think if they add just ONE more animal we can tame, foxes would be one of the few they could add... Along with rats, capybaras, kangaroos and maybe a few others.
    But foxes already are in the game! So why not make them be pets?
    Tame foxes with similar traits to dogs do exist, but only after a long process of domestication!
    So I think you should be able to tame foxes after a while, maybe it would even take 2 or 3 generations in order to get your actual pet fox!
    Right now you can get a fox to trust you if you helped it get conceived. What if you breed two trusting foxes? I think the resulting baby fox should be naturally more likely to want to follow you! And its offspring? They will hunt for you and bring you their kill! And their offspring could carry items for you and give them back when you right click them, also making your fox sit on the spot! :D

    Just some ideas ;) 

    I think the fox pet shouldn't be as easy to get as cats and dogs, because foxes are wild animals after all! But I do think they should be tamable in the same way cats and dogs can!

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    itspalpable commented

    Here's a way to make them act like they're tamed using commands! The steps are really simple, I promise! They basically just act like tamed wolves, even attacking things for you :) Hope this holds you over!


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    EJ H commented

    as awesome as this sounds this will never happen.

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    Some Animal commented

    If they gat tamed, the Foxes' unique behavior is to pick up the mob drops of whatever you killed if you killed it with a crossbow or a bow.

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    Ben Ng commented

    @Pascal Anema that is a fine idea

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    I would like the way of taming foxes to be this: breed two foxes with a tame of 0 and you get a baby with a tame of 1. breed two foxes with a tame of 1 and you get a tame of two, and so on until it reaches 10. When you breed two foxes, the baby comes out with a tame that's one higher than the lowest tamed fox (if that makes sense)

    T=tame amount

    T0 = wild (original fox)

    T1 = doesn't run away from you while walking but still does when you sprint

    T2 = doesn't run away from you unless has a baby

    T3 = doesn't run away from you at all

    T4 = follows you

    T5 = follows you and hunts like a dog (whatever you hit)

    T6 = protects you from hostile mobs

    T7 = Sits when you click them

    T8 = prefers to sit in beds (like cats)

    T9 = sleeps in your bed when you sleep

    T10 = spins in circles occasionally (just to be extra adorable)


    And each of these add up, they don't switch from one ability to another, they add another ability. example: T7 bred with T7, you now have a cat who also prefers to sit on your bed (as well as everything before that Tame level.)

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    Great idea! I really hope this one gets announced!!!!!

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    AshleyCA75 commented

    it would make sense too. In some areas of the world people have pet foxes. IM NOT KIDDING! ITS TRUE!

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    You already can, in a way. You can breed two foxes together and either kill the parents or steal the child using a lead, and the baby fox will "trust" you.

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    DocProc64 commented

    I would say after 50 generations of breeding, the fox will be tamed, making it the rarest tameable mob in Minecraft.

    It should be identical to a dog but it can jump like a fox, and its collar could be dyed too

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    lupinuswolfe commented

    Why not make taming foxes a harder process? Perhaps foxes require certain meats and certain condition (amount of days) to trust a player.


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    Kylie W commented

    These types of suggestions always pop up when a new passive or even neutral mob is added to the game. I saw it with turtles, dolphins, and now foxes. I don't think these animals should be tameable. Foxes are unique because, while they aren't tameable, they're still able to be friendly to the players! They can defend you, and even give you gifts! I personally like that, while they do trust you, they don't fully rely on you. It makes them more interesting and dynamic, able to do more without just being tamed and sitting around like wolves. Them being trusting but not tameable makes them way more fun to watch and interact with. 

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    I also think that the way we tame them currently is unrealistic, saddistic and irrelevant: the fact we have to kill the parents and take the baby with a lead show a very bad picture of the animal to childrens playing this game. It should be tamable by giving it cooked chicken. They are zoo where the vets can create a bound easily with foxes if they give them foods and play with them. That common idea of showing them as unwanted nasty animals should be erased from any book, they are very helpful in very various way like regulating wild rats population. They are also cute and playful. They never seek to fight, they fight if you hit them. Again, I don't see the mean of that free violence against foxes.

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    It would be awesome to tame foxes, but I also think it should be really difficult to do so. Definitely harder than cats. Maybe 3 or more stages of trust?

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    this is the best idea

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    I would also like to tame foxes. Came here to suggest that very thing! And, um, please add foxes and make them be tamed by sweet berries!

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    mreno1225 commented

    Plz let foxes be tamed

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    Purrfly5 commented

    Tamed foxes could hold one item that you can swap and take by pressing use on it. They could also collect items if they weren't already holding an item.

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    XPennyOne commented

    First they should add Foxes to MC: PE and console


    But yeah I Love foxes so Vote



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    You already can "tame" them by breeding two foxes and raising the baby. I honestly wouldn't change a thing about how foxes work except by adding the sit/stand and follow/teleport mechanics of wolves. The worst part of any tamable mob that doesn't follow you is the very real risk of their AI getting themselves lost (looking at you horses).

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    Pookiekid07 commented

    I like this idea but i have my own fox taming idea also,i think it shouldn't be instant and should take a while like 30 or 45 minecraft days you could feed them and make a room for them and slowly the fox will trust you more like walking on a lead without trying to run away or if you shift click it could lie down or if you just click it could sit but it'd still run around and not follow you and if you wanted it to follow you you'd have to put it on a lead. 

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    I NEED this!!!! Everyone does im sure xd


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    I like this idea a lot. My sister really wanted this a lot too. If this one gets picked for an update then she and I would be very happy.



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    Landen Burns commented

    Tamable foxes?  I mean, you can already get them to trust you.  I do understand however considering you can't actually tame them.  This would most certainly make it easier to keep them as pets!