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Although the Nether biome is a hot topic, remember that items still should be put in their proper categories, even if they are Nether related. Please read the pinned post on creating biomes and dimensions. Please put items for the new Mountains and Nether Updates in their proper categories. Remember portals are structures, that includes Nether portals.




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    I like the idea, so let's try to expand on it, adding more detail. 

    What mobs will spawn in this biome? Well, I think there should be brown and black bears, bats, and maybe otters. As well as sea lions. 

    For ores, maybe coal, iron, and quartz. Quartz would spawn rarely, but it'd be a way to obtain it without travelling to the nether. Clay could also be found, and maybe a new ore/mineral, Marble. Marble would be similar to quartz, it'd look nice in some decorations.

    As for structures, I have no ideas.

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    it would be a very fun idea; just a tall mountain of granite and then suddenly a cliff that goes 50 blocks down and into the water

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    Aariv arora commented
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    I would like seagulls and orcas to spawn in fiords. And marbles are a great idea too! They should add them.What do you think?