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Better Stairs Recipe


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    Oakleaf30 commented

    Yeah it’s quite annyoing especially if you like to build houses in survivals.

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    ChipsNachos commented

    @Oakleaf30 agreed.

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    This is what we need! It makes complete sense, it would be so easy to implement, and as a survival builder, this would make my process so much more efficient!

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    jlane08laz commented

    Agreed! Stairs have always felt very costly to make relative to slabs and full blocks.

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    I totally agree with your suggestion,Please Mojang Change it!


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    Yes yes yes yes yes!

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    I have thought the same thing forever now. The stair recipe currently gives fewer stairs than blocks you put in which is actually pretty crazy. That means for 4 blocks you lose 1/4 of the block, and for two blocks, you lose the entire block. They really should either change the output to 8 stairs for the current recipe or, as you said, change the recipe to 3 blocks and keep the current output, but as of now, making stairs is way too expensive for what they are worth.

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    Leeli Igiby commented

    YASS! Every time I craft a set of stairs I feel like I'm getting ripped off. This needs to be seen more. I feel like if everyone saw this everyone would vote on it.

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    Charles Jay commented

    I also have a same idea as yours. Hey! I also have another recipe planned. I hope this picture will give you more ideas on your suggestion.