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Split Screen for Windows 10


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    EttaSmit commented
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    Please add split-screen. I have TWO kids that made me buy the Windows 10 edition.  Thus I spend a lot of money to find out it can't split the screen?

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    No split screen option because kids love to share and take turns. Come on Microsoft, not every person plays on Xbox. PC players want split screen too.

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    My computer is way faster than all of my consoles, splitscreen would run better on it than almost any other device. Why can't windows 10 edition do splitscreen? All the bedrock editions are cross compatible, why don't they have the same features?

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    You could make many a younger sibling's day with the introduction of this one feature. With built in controller support on the PC version, what's stopping you?

    I expect the population of folk rushing out to buy another PC and copy of the game so their second/third/fourth kids can join in over the home LAN is extremely small/non-existent so who are you helping by not including this feature?

    Very frustrating all around.