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Salt Flats


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    Salt and a salty biome have already been suggested, although the biome post is very vague.

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    I like the idea of ​​having a desert variation, so I suggest doing something inspired by the Salar of Uyuni.

    The Salar of Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world, is one of the great natural wonders of Bolivia. About 3500 meters of altitude, it is an important one, being a source of minerals like lithium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, a lot of sodium.

    Isla del Pescado, is an elevation over the Salar de Uyuni. One of its main characteristics is the feet of giant cacti, which can reach more than 10 meters in height.

    This style of slag desert could come as a biome on Mountain Update, being found in the Andes, a large mountain range.

    The addition of a salt desert could bring many new possibilities for exploration, in addition to adding more variety to the game.